Patrizio - SmartLynx
21 Feb

Patrizio, “SmartLynx Cadet”

I was looking for a Cadet program which could offer both job security and at the same time a challenging working environment, and where I could put my previous professional and life experience to use. My natural choice was BAA Training. BAA Training indeed could offer everything I was looking for: a competitive price, beautiful aircraft to fly, job security as a First Officer with SmartLynx at the end of my training, and young, competent, open and always helpful staff and the Management. Training was very intense and required to work and study hard, but I must admit that the support I received from the Flight Instructors and the academy staff throughout my learning adventure was very helpful and reassuring. I was so lucky to be chosen as a SmartLynx Cadet. Honestly, I think that due to the very nature of SmartLynx as the ACMI leader in Europe, in addition to my previous professional experience, this was the best choice in my professional life. Kudos to BAA Training for choosing the best Cadet program for me!!! I couldn’t be happier and more satisfied.