Nelson - SmartLynx
21 Feb

Nelson,”SmartLynx Cadet”

I’m Nelson, a BAA Training student of SmartLynx Airlines Cadet Program. I am now done with the theoretical part and VFR part of the training and I can say I have spent the most interesting and exciting part of my life at BAA Training. My dream is becoming true not only thanks to my hard work but also thanks to BAA Training family. I call it family because they try to do their best for their students even if sometimes some issues occur. I have been assisted by the BAA Training team many times which allowed me to concentrate all my energy on the training. I also had a great experience with all my classmates. Learning together was not a race or a competition but rather a pursuit of a common goal. We were sharing our knowledge and helping each other in order to succeed. That was one of the best experiences in my life. However, the greatest opportunity that could be offered to a cadet is meeting the airline. I had a chance to meet my company SmartLynx Airlines and have an observation flight exploring a real pilot’s work day. Now I am sure – the sky office is the best office!