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3 Jan

Why do pilots say roger that?

Pilots use the phrase “Roger that” when they are in the air. Have you ever thought who the Roger is and why his name appears in the conversations between pilots? The reason goes back to the very first flights. The first plane flight by Wright brothers dates back to 1903. Then they used flares, hand signals and coloured paddles to communicate while the plane was in the air as there was no such thing as radio communication. The aviation technologies developed and pilots started to use the Morse code to communicate in approximately 1915 when air-to-ground voice transmission became possible. Back then they...

23 Jan

Do you see yourself as a Wizz Air pilot? Meet us in Tbilisi and discover more!

BAA Training would like to invite you to meet up in Tbilisi, Georgia, on 3rd of February at the Hotel City Avenue (D.Agmashenebeli Avenue #140B) and learn how to join the Wizz Air Cadet Programme even if you have no previous flying experience! Have you always been dreaming about aviation and becoming a pilot? By joining the Wizz Air Cadet Programme you will acquire an Air Transport Pilot Licence (ATPL frozen) and be secured with the job guarantee at WIZZ after the sucessful completion of the training. The largest low-cost airline in Central and Eastern Europe is looking for aspiring future pilots to join...