Student blog

13 Feb

Welcoming day at the flight school

On Friday the 1st of September 2017, my flight school organized an event they would welcome the new students and celebrate the graduation of the ones who are finishing pilot studies. The event was organized at the Vilnius International Airport (VNO) gathered BAA Training management, flight instructors and new as well as graduating students with their families. The event started at the VIP terminal of VNO airport. Everybody gathered at around 16:30, collected their identification and passed the security point. For about 30 minutes we introduced to each other and made small talk. I tried to find all the people who...

13 Feb

7 reasons a student pilot should speak several languages

Speaking several languages is extremely important nowadays. This need is even more pronounced for an airline pilot and is sometimes crucial for some airlines. In this article you are going to see the 7 main reasons why you, as a student pilot or aspiring student pilot, should learn another language. 1. International aviation language is… As you probably know it already, English is the main language spoken in aviation as all the communications with the ATC are made in English. Of course, you can perform them in the local language if you master it enough, but you will never find an ATC which...

22 Jan

BAA Training student pilot uniform

Like many flight academies worldwide, BAA Training imposes a certain dress code upon its students. All students are obliged to wear the student pilot uniform each day except on Fridays. On Friday we are allowed to dress casually, however still within the limits of a dress code. BAA student pilot uniform consists of shirts, cardigans, a tie (slim, black) and pants. Interesting enough, no epaulettes. More about this later. Each part of the uniform is specifically tailored to your size and I find this very nice. Good job on this one BAA! The shirts are the typical white pilot shirts. You can...