27 Aug

Get Your Wings with Wizz Air

Are you interested in operating an aircraft? Or are you willing to work for one of the booming low-cost airline in your near future? Well, if you really are, then we will shortly guide you through the key values of Wizz Air and help you to get to know the significantly growing airline better. The airline is planning to continue implementing its development strategy by enlarging the fleet and filling the seats of their cockpit with talented pilots. Therefore, Wizz Air is currently looking for dedicated future pilots to join their cadet program, supplied by BAA Training. It’s not hard to...

30 Jul

In Pursuit of a Prestigious Profession?

Almost everyone in life is entitled to a great choice of future when leaving school. Limitless potential, endless career opportunities, a broad range of possible destinations, areas and industries to enter into… and many other aspects to consider. How do young people choose the right path to pursue their career? Probably the most common criteria that influence a decision on the career are prestige as well as professional and financial prospects. Aren’t they? The more respected a profession is the wider door into the future it opens. Thus, what are the most respected and attractive professions in Europe? What studies do European...

25 Jun

Growing Multicultural Competence in Aviation Academies

By its nature, aviation is a multicultural endeavour. Pilots fly in foreign space, transport passengers from different cultures, and work with a culturally diverse crew. Even the aircraft they fly is designed and built in different parts of the world. Different intercultural interactions in aviation happen every day. Therefore, in this field, growing your multicultural competence is a necessity. Thankfully, being able to adapt and function efficiently in a culturally diverse setting is a learnable attribute. There are a few ways to grow your multicultural competence: firstly, by attending mandatory Crew Recourse Management (CRM) courses. Aviation academies invest a significant amount...

25 Jun

The Differences Between Passenger and Cargo Pilots

Probably, when you think about the pilot, the first picture appearing in your mind is a pilot stepping onto the aircraft to perform a flight. And somewhere in that picture there are always passengers involved. But what about those pilots who don’t carry passengers? Well, there are those who carry cargo. Air cargo is a high value industry with 35% of the world trade value carried by air. However, the profession of a cargo pilot is slightly mysterious as we often associate aviation with passenger airlines and their pilots. As well as passenger airlines, cargo ones also belong to commercial aviation....

30 May

Gender is not a Barrier to Become a Pilot

Global percentage of female pilots is still very low. According to the International Society of Women Airline Pilots (ISWAP), commercial female pilots make only ~5% of total commercial pilots globally. As the men dominate the aviation industry, there is a wrong perception that women cannot achieve success there. Why are women so under-represented in piloting and how to change this perception? Let’s try to identify the most common gender issues in aviation and break down the stereotype of aviation as a highly gendered realm. Do men perform better compared to women? Let’s start with the most prevalent stereotype that women are weaker...

23 Apr

Multi-Crew Pilot Licence. What Do We Know?

Aviation training is the backbone of the aviation industries. On top of it all, it has never been as diverse as it is today with aviation training institutions so eagerly encouraging young generations to pass through the door to aviation. Aspiring future pilots can opt out from multiple programmes, integrated courses, separate modules and many other options. Anything one considers to be the most suitable and affordable to get an appropriate licence and take the right place in the cockpit. No doubts, it is a difficult task to pick the right and the most efficient pathway to grow the pilot...

26 Mar

Airline creating constellation of destinations

In 2017 they flew 2.5 million of passengers, pilots entered 46, 157 block hours and made almost 16, 000 flights preliminary reaching a turnover of 131.4 million euros. Now they are looking for 30-40 pilots to join for 2018 high season. Who are they? It is a charter airline based in Riga also specializing in wet and damp lease services of their growing Airbus A320 fleet. The airline was founded in 1992 as Latcharter Airlines and became the very first airline to provide package holiday from Riga. In 2008 the company experienced rebranding. Last year it celebrated the 25th birthday, and...

26 Feb

Francesco Mercorelli: every flight is a mission

Francesco Mercorelli is a Senior First Officer for Small Planet Airlines with an estimate of 3,000 flight hours in his pocket. With a high following of 10k, he might be known to you as @italianpilot_ on Instagram, where he shares his life as a pilot and what the industry is like. As an airline pilot, he is well-aware of the misconceptions that surround the idea of being one. As he expresses – aviation is not easily earned big money. Flying an aircraft comes with major responsibilities; you’re entrusted with the lives of hundreds of people on board. No two flights are...

26 Feb

Boeing 737 MAX to make history again

When talking to future pilots someone asks which type of aircraft they are dreaming to operate, hundreds of them start laughing when saying: ‘If it’s not Boeing, I’m not going!’. Although some of them are only joking, the most stunning thing is that nearly a half of them begin their pilot career in the cockpits of the Boeing 737 family aircraft, indeed! Asking why? What is so special about the Boeing 737 family? First of all, did you know that a Boeing 737 takes off or lands every 5.5 seconds somewhere in the world. This stunning fact reveals that these Boeing aircraft...

29 Jan

Avion Express – your future employer?

When pursuing a new job, we mainly focus on ourselves – how to deliver yourself in front of a potential employer? What benefits could we bring to the company in case of employment? While it is the key approach for a successful job hunt, it is also important to understand what you are applying for. Is that the airline that you are willing to commit to and perform at your best for at least several upcoming years? Does this company have corporate traits that will be able to meet your career expectations? There is no need to ‘reinvent the wheel’,...

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