One training programme brings a double advantage.  Aircraft Maintenance and pilot licence studies is a combined 4-year programme consisting of 8 semesters and flights during the flight season. Become a professional pilot with a strong background in general arrangement, structure, the principles and rules of engineering and design of aeroplanes and helicopters .


Programme meets the requirements of the qualitative education according to the European Diploma Supplement

Practical skills in the aeronautical laboratories on site

1,5 years of studies in EU


BAA Training is one of the largest European standard aviation training centres with the headquarters in Lithuania, where the experience of tailored training solutions is wrapped up in personal care. Its people are united by the passion for aviation and desire to ensure the efficient training solutions for both pilots and airlines. The academy offers a total of 20+ different Ab Initio training programmes for future pilots. The highest standards of pilot training earned a trusted partner’s reputation to BAA Training among aviation companies all over the world. The academy has launched cadetship programmes with leading airlines in Hungary, Iceland, Lithuania, Vietnam, Laos and Latvia.

The National Aerospace University Kharkiv Aviation Institute (KhAI) was founded in 1930. Its history is closely connected with the development of aircraft engineering and science. The KhAI is a member of International Association of Universities IAU/Unesco, the EASN (European Aeronautics Science Network), Partnership of a European Group of Aeronautics and Space Universities (PEGASUS). KhAI is the powerful educational and scientific complex that has deep scientific traditions and that is well-known and recognized not only in Ukraine but in countries near and far abroad.

Minimum entry requirements


Over 18 years old


Secondary or higher

Physical status

Valid EASA 1st Class Medical Certificate

Theoretical preparation

Knowledge of Mathematics, Physics, and English is of key importance. During the assessment, the school and exam grades of these disciplines are evaluated additionally. A special skill assessment can be organised by the academy for those having low or no grades from their secondary school.

Personal competence and aptitude

All candidates must go through special tests and interviews developed by the selection commission of the BAA Training.

Required documents:

  • Scanned copy of the first page of the passport valid to travel abroad;
  • Scanned copies of education documents (with annexes and transcripts of records);
  • Signed copy of consent to process personal data.

Course content

It is a combined 4-year programme consisting of 8 semesters and divided into two parts. ATPL Integrated programme which takes place at BAA Training.


The Theoretical part consists of 14 subjects (790 hours) to be completed in 6-8 months.

  • Air law
  • Communication
  • Operating procedures
  • Mass and balance
  • Instrumentation
  • Meteorology
  • Aircraft general knowledge
  • Flight planning
  • Performance
  • General navigation
  • Radio navigation
  • Human performance
  • Principles of flight
  • Aircraft operation manual
  • MCC

Flight training consists of 215 hours including Flight Navigation Procedure Trainer, single-engine, multi-engine aircraft, and a Full Flight Simulator.

  • 150 hours – single-engine aircraft
  • 13 hours – multi-engine aircraft
  • 37 hours – FNPT II (Flight Navigation Procedure Trainer)
  • 15 hours – FFS (Full Flight Simulator)

*Flight training sessions lasts from March till October.


BAA Training fleet consists of Cesna 172S, nine Tecnam P2002JF and two Tecnam P2006T. Find out more about our fleet


You will improve your skills both on FNPT II simulator and a real aircraft. BAA Training might offer 10 Tecnam P2002JF, a Cessna 172S and 2 Tecnam P2006T aircraft.

10 x Tecnam P2002JF

Tecnam P2002JF 
Airplane Length6,61 m
Wing span8,6 m
Airplane height2,43 m
Wing area11,5 m2
Empty weight360 kg
Maximum flight weight600 kg
Engine TypeROTAX 912S2
Power, hp1 x 100
Cruising speed210 (113) km/h (knots)
Practical flight distance1050 km
Crew1 or 2 pilot
Passengers0 or 1

2x Tecnam P2006T

Tecnam P2006T 
Airplane Length8,7 m
Wing span11,4 m
Airplane height2,85 m
Wing area14,8 m2
Empty weight800 kg
Maximum flight weight1230 kg
Engine TypeROTAX 912S3
Power, hp2 x 98
Cruising speed250 (135) km/h (knots)
Practical flight distance1250 km
Crew1 or 2 pilot
Passengers3 or 2


FNPT II trainer 
Aircraft for flight simulationCesna 172 and Tecnam P2006T
AvionicsGarmin G950 IFDS; PFD Garmin GDU-1040; MFD Garmin GDU-1040; ADF Bendix/King KR87
Date of manufactureJanuary, 2013
Computer system3 IBM compatible computers, with Microsoft Windows 7
Visual SystemThree digital projectors BENQ MX511, one curved screen with 35 degrees vertical by 135 degrees horizontal Field of View with the refresh rate 30 fps.

The theoretical part of your training is conducted at the headquarters of the academy in Vilnius, Lithuania. Take a 360 tour.

For the long term accommodation, we offer LOOP hotel. The newly built contemporary design hotel located next to the BAA Training premises is a guarantee of a comfortable stay 1 kilometer away from the International Vilnius Airport and 3 kilometers away from the city centre.

The hotel offers modern single and double rooms for BAA Training students who will have an accesses to fully furnished kitchen and the private lounge zone. The hotel offers all the amenities including the restaurant, self-service laundry & ironing room, a gym room and many more.

The practical training will be held at one of our aerodromes. You could find more information about the aerodromes here.

It is your choice to either stay in Vilnius and commute to the aerodrome every day or temporarily to move to the other city. BAA Training could also offer several partner hotels in convenient locations and at good prices there.

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Happy Customers

Being a part of BAA Training is a great experience! I appreciate the quality of the instructors and facilities. Also it is so good to be sure that I can always count on the help of the staff. Moreover, I like the way the airline is checking our progression which is quite promising for the future. They truly care about their cadets!

Arthur Biberian ,
SmartLynx Cadet

Instructors at BAA Training are professionals sharing the best experience and knowledge with students, indeed. The staff is also very friendly and ready to help handle any issue. I would really recommend BAA Training for future pilots willing to have the best and up-to-date knowledge as well as experience for their next step carrier.

Tomas Miežis,
ATPL theory student

By combining pilot training with bachelor studies, you gain double advantage. With this study program you not only get pilot license, but bachelor degree as well, which will be a huge advantage on your CV not mentioning your professional experience.

Marians Purmalis,
Aviation Management student

Regarding the training programme with BAA Training I'm really happy about the idea to have our flying season in the summer right after the theory course and before the other theory course in autumn starts. It allows us to have a "break" and flying reminds us why we are doing the training. Even though the theory is the hard part of a pilot training, I still really liked to do it at BAA Training, mainly because our ground instructors did their best to make the theory easier by being really patient and available whenever we need them.

Marvin Germaini,
Wizz Air Cadet

Wizz Air Cadet training programme is prepared by professionals and adjusted to let us start our job of dream as fast as possible. The schedule is tight but this is necessary to complete the training within the given time. The instructors are experienced people with passion for flying. The way they share their knowledge with us made our way of becoming professional pilots much easier

Łukasz Laskowski,
Wizz Air Cadet

I chose the Integrated ATPL, because it's effective - I was able to finish it in just over 1,5 years. I found all the instructors to be very helpful and they really put energy and time into teaching both the theory and the flying part.

Per Ljung,
Boeing 737 Pilot

From the very beginning I knew that being an instructor requires special skills, knowledge and patience that were a challenge for me. Although the Flight Instructor course lasted only a few weeks, I found the professional guidance and training on all fronts. This allowed to pass the knowledge and skills to the new generation of future airline pilots.

Abdelrahman Mowafi ,
Flight Instructor at BAA Training

During my flying season I had an opportunity to fly with many instructors, learn from their different experience, which shared with me. So in the end I could say that I managed to become a cadet pilot only with BAA Training instructors’ help.

Marija Vaiciulionyte ,
Student at BAA Training

Not only BAA Training is growing fast, but it also cares about every single student! Flight instructors and examiners are really friendly and have great experience. Also, they speak fluent English or even other languages.

Dovydas Valadkevicius,
Student at BAA Training

Sincere thanks to all my instructors, managers and everyone else supporting me throughout my training. I wish the best of luck to all my colleagues and the future students joining the dream maker (aka BAA Training).

Cosmin Puscas ,
Student at BAA Training