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LOT Polish Airlines Cadet Program Open Door Day in Budapest


BAA Training and LOT Polish Airlines are inviting you to meet in Budapest to explore pilot training and career possibilities at the airline. LOT Polish Airlines operating for an impressive period of over 90 years, flies a fleet of 90 aircraft in total with 13 different types, including the popular Boeing, Embraer, Bombardier aircraft types in it. Good news - becoming a pilot with LOT Polish Airlines has never been easier! During the LOT Polish Airlines Cadet Program Open Door Day in Budapest: Learn about the cadet program and explain how to apply for it with BAA Training representatives. Discover the...

Pilot personality – what character qualities are important?


A pilot profession offers extraordinary opportunities for travelling and working in a multinational team. However, this is not the only advantage that this profession can offer. It’s also one of the highest-paying jobs, which can offer a longer period of holiday, free of charge flights, etc. Nevertheless, according to recruitment specialists, this occupation is not for everyone. When conducting a job interview or during a study program selection process a candidate is evaluated not only on the basis of whether they are able to meet the necessary requirements for the job but also whether they have the character to become...

BAA Training to open biggest aviation training center in South Europe

BAA Training to open biggest aviation training center in South Europe


BAA Training, one of the TOP 3 biggest independent aviation training centres in Europe announces further expansion in Spain. Being a global aviation training provider BAA Training chose the location and started the establishment of a training center near Barcelona–El Prat Josep Tarradellas Airport. By establishing BAA Training Spain, the company is to open a 5300-square-meter modern training center with the brand new training equipment, classrooms, briefing rooms and a luxury lounge. According to the BAA Training representatives, BAA Training Spain is set to operate 7 full flight simulators by 2023, becoming the biggest training center in Southern Europe. As the building...

SmartLynx pilot Abdelrahman Mowafi

SmartLynx pilot Abdelrahman Mowafi: There are always some obstacles – don’t let them stop you to reach your dream


Abdelrahman Mowafi’s story is definitely a success story of someone reaching for their dream career. Currently working as a First Officer at SmartLynx Airlines and a lecturer at BAA Training Abdelrahman shares what his path to success was like and encourages not let any obstacles getting in your way. - When and why did you decide to become a pilot? - I have always been fascinated by aviation, I loved aircraft: both military and civilians, I was always reading news about them, collecting photos and participating in online forums. I saw the pilot profession as an amazing career opportunity. Why not to...