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3 Jan

The world’s smallest jets: BD-5 or FLS Microjet

Everyone is so passionate about huge aviation machines. We have already reviewed the 10 world’s largest airplanes, introduced you with the largest flying boat ever built, the largest helicopter in the world and the biggest aircraft engine. What about the smallest inventions? Did you know what the smallest jet ever built is? If you ever hear someone talking about the smallest jet in the world it means that they are talking about a high performance, aerobatic, single seat, low-wing, all metal, jet-powered aircraft called FLS.  The FLS was originally created by a small company - Bede Aircraft in the 1970s. Therefore,...

28 Nov

Cadet assessment – (no)ordinary job interview

Recently the market has been filled with positive news for those who see themselves in a pilot seat – pilot cadet programmes have returned into the market. Probably you won’t be wrong saying that a cadet programme is the fastest and most assuring way to become a pilot. Even though it may look as an easy way, it will still be a challenging one. Surprisingly challenges will start with the first steps – cadet assessment. So actually what is it and how to perform at your best? What to expect during Cadet assessment? The main purpose of the cadet assessment does not...

28 Nov

Farhad Ahmadov: I am lucky to get into private aviation

If you are thinking what aviation career path to choose, a job of business aviation pilot must cross your mind. As you may have noticed business aviation industry is climbing rapidly, as the collective world economy returns to strong growth. Global Business Aviation Outlook of 2017 shows that 8,300 new private jets will be delivered in the next 10 years. It is almost $249 billion investment, which will result in the delivery of 830 new aircraft annually and hundreds of job vacancies for pilots. Sounds promising, right? In addition to that, flying across the world at the controls of some of...

2 Nov

The story of Jitka, a Captain of Airbus A320 at Small Planet Airlines

Meet Jitka! She is a captain at Small Planet Airlines with over 7500 hours of flying experience. Jitka shares the story about her passion for aviation and experience as a Captain. She also gives good advice for pilots on how to prepare for a job interview and other tips for a successful career in aviation. Would you like to join a professional A320 and A321 pilots’ team at Small Planet Airlines too? We are extremely grateful to our friends Vilnius International Airport and Small Planet Airlines who significantly contributed to the process of making this video....