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Cadet Program: The Shortest Way to an Airline’s Cockpit


Why taking a circuit if you can go straight to where you want to be? The question is somewhat rhetorical, especially that what seems the shortest path to some people might not seem the same to others. Nevertheless, some rationale makes thousands of future pilots all over the world prefer cadet programs to, for example, ATPL Integrated or CPL modular. What is so enticing about a cadet program? Can it save you time? Money? Or maybe nerves? Please continue reading to figure it out. What is a cadet program? A cadet program is an initial training program designed to meet specific airline’s...


Private Pilot can reduce flight expenses by sharing costs


Although piloting for commercial purposes and earning profit is out of the Private Pilot Licence (PPL) scope, there are other financial prerogatives a private pilot might want to consider. According to EASA, it is fully legal to share flight costs with passengers in non-complex aircraft having no more than six people on board. This way, a pilot can alleviate their financial burden (but not eliminate) as they do not have to be the only one covering flight expenses: fuel, rental fee, airfield chares, etc. EU Regulation says yes to cost sharing The cost sharing conditions for private flights (and their evolution) are...

Did You Know the difference between CPL Modular and ATPL Integrated?


Study options and choice of studies is usually a process involving in-depth research, isn't it? Most probably former students will nod in agreement, while future students could keep it as a useful tip. Especially, the choice could be difficult when two similar programs, offering the same final result, are at your disposal. This is the case for future pilots, for example. Upon the start of googling about pilot training paths available, one can be puzzled by the two frequently appearing abbreviations – CPL and ATPL, or two confusing keywords -  ‘modular’ and ‘integrated’. These are two different training programs for future pilots, with...

Motivation: Necessary Personal Trait for Every Single Pilot


Enthusiasm, wanting, desire, interest, determination. All these are the synonyms to motivation - the fundamental reason why a person decides something or behaves in a particular way. And all these are the primary reasons behind someone's choice to become a pilot. Almost every experienced aviator could confirm that behind happy flying hides a long story of dreams and motivation. Commercial pilot training is a rather challenging and very intense path. Almost two years of studying, studying and one more time studying. With some rest, of course. But who can come out of this period satisfied and happy if not a motivated person? The...