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15 Mar

EASA ATPL studying tips

In this article I am going to share with you my studying strategy in a hope that it will help you prepare for you school and EASA exams. Keep in mind that this is just a personal recommendation shared with me by one of my friends who is an instructor which you can either accept and use it or completely disregard. Each day of your EASA ATPL ground school you will cover different topics from different subjects. Your school and ground instructor will most likely follow EASA syllabus schedule. The resources which will be available to you are your CBT (computer...

13 Mar

Did You Know: Why do cabin crew stand with their hands behind their backs?

Whether you are an experienced flyer or just an attentive passenger, you may have noticed that cabin crew always keep their arms folded behind their backs when greeting passengers and when walking through the aircraft cabin. We all know that cabin crew job comes with a lot of responsibilities – from ensuring that the aircraft is tidy to overall safety of the passengers. And one of the responsibilities includes them to have their hands behind their back. But why is this? Simply put - it is because they are hiding a special counter. Cabin crew uses the counters to make sure the number of...

9 Mar

6 tips to memorize quickly and easily

This is a very important article for every student pilot who will start his/her training very soon or is already in training, but also for anyone who wants to learn some very useful tricks to remember something very easily. Nowadays, the airline pilot training lasts usually only 24 months which is not that much as compared to other jobs. The most painful part of the training is obviously the theory… of course we all want to fly! But we can’t avoid this part which gives us the basics of this job. Anyway, student pilots need to remember a lot of stuff...

9 Mar

First Airbus A320 Door and Slide Trainer in the Baltic States

As the first and only of its kind in the Baltic States, BAA Training has added a brand new Airbus A320 Door and Slide Trainer to its repertoire of training equipment. BAA Training continues to invest in its training equipment so it will be the first choice training provider. Having announced the 4 full flight simulator acquisition just last year, one of the leading aviation centres in Northern Europe accelerates into the new year with one more, state-of-the-art equipment addition to its headquarters in Vilnius. This addition opens the possibility for timely and cost-effective cabin crew and pilot training or...