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3 Jul

BAA Training Invests over 1.2M EUR into Ab Initio Training Equipment

BAA Training, one of the biggest independent aviation training centres in Europe, is expanding its Ab Initio flight school capacity by investing over 1.2M EUR into new learning material and equipment. Recently, the Academy has purchased 4 new aircraft, two Cessna 172 and two Tecnam T2002, which are expected to join the fleet currently consisting of 2 Cessna 172, 2 Tecnam P2006T and 9 Tecnam P2002JF aircraft. The brand new four aircraft are due to be delivered to BAA Training and arrive in Vilnius by the middle of July. Last year BAA Training used 8,000 hours for training students in the aircraft...

25 Jun

Growing Multicultural Competence in Aviation Academies

By its nature, aviation is a multicultural endeavour. Pilots fly in foreign space, transport passengers from different cultures, and work with a culturally diverse crew. Even the aircraft they fly is designed and built in different parts of the world. Different intercultural interactions in aviation happen every day. Therefore, in this field, growing your multicultural competence is a necessity. Thankfully, being able to adapt and function efficiently in a culturally diverse setting is a learnable attribute. There are a few ways to grow your multicultural competence: firstly, by attending mandatory Crew Recourse Management (CRM) courses. Aviation academies invest a significant amount...

25 Jun

The Differences Between Passenger and Cargo Pilots

Probably, when you think about the pilot, the first picture appearing in your mind is a pilot stepping onto the aircraft to perform a flight. And somewhere in that picture there are always passengers involved. But what about those pilots who don’t carry passengers? Well, there are those who carry cargo. Air cargo is a high value industry with 35% of the world trade value carried by air. However, the profession of a cargo pilot is slightly mysterious as we often associate aviation with passenger airlines and their pilots. As well as passenger airlines, cargo ones also belong to commercial aviation....

19 Jun

DID YOU KNOW: Why Do Aircraft Still Have Ashtrays?

Have you ever noticed a tiny box with a cigarette sign while being in the lavatory on a plane? Why airlines incorporate ashtrays in their aircraft if smoking has been prohibited long time ago? If you haven’t seen an ashtray in the aircraft, we will give you a hint where you can find it: just look on the entry side of the lavatory door. Don’t think that you have just found the only place where you are allowed to smoke. Right above the ashtray you may sometimes find a non-smoking sign. You might get confused but the explanation is quite clear...