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2019 overview: the challenges and triumphs of aviation industry giants


2020 is going to be a big year for the aviation industry. An improvement in profits, revenues and passenger numbers is expected so the International Air Transport Association (IATA) is forecasting a bright future after a challenging 2019. Let’s look back and see how 2019 turned out for the two giants of the aviation industry – Airbus and Boeing. Best year for Airbus Overall 2019 was a challenging and difficult year, indeed. Even though aviation industry keeps growing a slowing economic growth, trade wars, geopolitical tensions, continuing uncertainty over Brexit and social turmoil – all of these had an impact on the...

CBTA in training - one step forward towards safer skies

CBTA in training – one step forward towards safer skies


“Mistakes are inevitable in aviation, especially when one is still learning new things. The trick is to not make the mistake that will kill you”, once said Stephen Coonts, a naval aviator and the author of numerous New York Times bestselling novels. Indeed, human errors play a major role in aviation incidents and accidents. Actually, it is agreed that 80 percent of aviation related incidents involve so-called human factors, and a significant proportion of these are related to operator error. This is not something new. Since the 1970’s human error has been recognised as a major contributor to numerous aviation incidents and...

Facts about Boeing 737 Classic

Did you know? Facts about Boeing 737 Classic


For the first time since 2015 the European aircraft manufacturer, Airbus is poised to finish the year ahead of its US rival Boeing in terms of sales, as announced by Bloomberg recently. But despite of that Boeing 737 family aircraft manufactured by American aviation giant of planes remains the most popular and best-selling commercial airplane of all time. As one might say: “It is a classic”. There are more than 10 variants of the 737, however only three models of the Boeing plane family can be truly referred to as the Classic series of the Boeing 737 jet-liner, these being the...

Did You know – History of LOT Polish Airlines Livery


This year LOT Polish Airlines counts 90 years of operations and is one of the oldest airlines in the world. Throughout these years the airline has gained an impressive amount of experience and reached great milestones. One of the main things distinguishing the airline is their logo and aircraft livery. Here is some interesting information about LOT Polish Airlines. Polish aviation history starts in the early 1920 when the first aviation route linking Warsaw with the world was inaugurated and the following year the first regular flight Poznan-Warsaw was in operation. In several upcoming years new routes to Gdansk, Lviv, Lodz...