Reliable way to finish your pilot training on time

In pilot training it is crucially important to have everything delivered on time, maintaining high quality and safety standards as well as according to the terms agreed.

If after beginning your training you are thrown into doubts, keep in mind that switching from one ATO to another in the middle of the program is also possible.

In case you are:

considering the option of changing your pilot training provider?

looking for the ways to complete your studies on time?

looking for a reliable guide on the remaining road to the cockpit?

We are here to help you and are open for your inquiries about the transfer possibility. No matter at which training stage you currently are, battling with ground school subjects or already flying, you can join BAA Training at any time.

The training budget is discussed and agreed with every student individually, depending on the stage the transfer is done at and the amount of training left until finish. Nevertheless, we will put our efforts into finding the way to fit the cost of your remaining studies into the remaining training budget.

Why us?

Counting over 20 years of experience in the pilot training field, BAA Training is one of TOP 3 biggest independent aviation training centers in Europe. High standard training approaches, modern training facilities and friendly environment have already gathered together students from over 50 countries. You can join this ambitious family, too.

Get in contact with our training advisors to know all the peculiarities hiding behind the switch.

How to transfer?

Each case is individual and a subject to thorough evaluation. Get in touch with our training advisers who will explain you the process of transferring to BAA Training, introduce the requirements, explain the admission procedure and answer all the questions bothering you.

Considering the situation related to international travel, in order to have smooth journey and avoid possible inconveniences while crossing the borders, we highly recommend checking the information regarding travelling from your country to Lithuania.

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