Whether you desire to operate a plane for pleasure or commence a career as an airline pilot, the first step is to get the initial permission to fly – acquire a Private Pilot Licence (PPL). As a proud PPL holder, you will be able to operate a single-engine aircraft and enjoy the magnificent bird’s eye views.

Online theory learning during the quarantine

Theoretical training is held in classrooms at BAA Training headquarters in Vilnius, Lithuania. However, during the declared quarantine period, theoretical studies migrate to the online environment. Remote learning has its benefits: you might cut some of your traveling and accommodation expenses as the course, or a part of it may not require you to be physically present.

More flexibility with one-on-one learning

For those who would like to learn individually instead of joining a group of students, there is a possibility to pursue one-on-one tuition under a customized schedule. Having chosen this extra fee option, you have a greater possibility to begin whenever it is convenient for you.

If this alternative answers your need, please specify your one-on-one theory preference in the comments box once applying. Please still allow at least one month for us to do the planning and scheduling.

Is commercial flying your thing?

It is hard to say whether you have been born to fly if you have not tried it yet. Nevertheless, you might not be able to stop once you start – the new horizons sometimes are just too tempting. You can then use your PPL as an interim step on the way to the commercial aircraft’s cockpit.


You can take on a flight your family and friends

No doubts that during the training period your family and friends would be eagerly anticipating the moment you will take them off into the sky. Just a short flight for a pleasure, a trip for dinner or a quick journey abroad. Nothing will make you happier than seeing the sparkles in the eyes of a person experiencing the first flight while you are in the pilot’s seat.

You can become a Flight Instructor (FI)

It is an exceptionally beneficial option for those secretly dreaming of a future pilot career. By becoming a FI you can collect a lot of experiences, master your flying skills and record hours in your logbook. Additionally, you can enjoy sharing your knowledge with those making the very first steps in aviation.

You can proceed with Commercial Pilot Licence (CPL) training

After you get a PPL, you can continue studies and become a professional commercial pilot. The CPL program is based on a modular training model, therefore, with already done PPL you can skip this part in the CPL course and begin with a module of a higher level.

You can even restore vintage aircraft

If you ave a passion for planes, then with a PPL you can take up a new activity – vintage aircraft restoration. The most rewarding moment of this practice for the pilot with a PPL is the possibility to fly the old plane restored with your own hands.

There are so many exciting things to do with a PPL in your pocket. Just trust your imagination and amazing adventures will find you.

Course content


Theoretical part consists of 171 hours of PPL theory

  • Air Law & ATC procedures
  • Operational procedures
  • Aircraft general knowledge
  • Flight performance and planning
  • Human performance
  • Meteorology
  • Navigation
  • Principles of flight
  • Communication
  • Aircraft operation manual

Flight training consists of 47 hours flown under Visual Flight Rules (VFR) on a single-engine aircraft.

During your PPL training, you will fly on Tecnam P2002JF. More information about our fleet could be found here.

Minimum entry requirements


Over 16 years old

Physical status

Valid EASA 1st or 2ND Class Medical Certificate

Theoretical preparation

English is of key importance

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