ATPL Pilot Licence

The Integrated Airline Transport Pilot Licence (ATPL) program is the right training route for any aviation enthusiast with little or no previous flying experience to professionally get into the industry and begin building a career of an airline pilot.

The program includes all the necessary modules to help you properly master the fundamental pilot’s skills. Meanwhile, the successful completion of the Integrated ATPL course will enable you to proceed with the final training steps before becoming a competent pilot ready to enter the market.

The latest ATPL program has been designed with Area 100 KSA philosophy in mind, which aims to develop Knowledge, Skills, and Attitudes from day one at ground school. Competency-based training and assessment will provide trained pilots with more skills and awareness of the flight deck and the ever-changing operational environment. EASA mandates ATOs to incorporate the Area KSA methodology into its initial pilot training syllabus by 2022 January 31st.

In less than two years of intensive aviation training, you will be able to apply for the position of a First Officer at an airline of your choice and explore the aviation industry from the inside.

Monthly Payment Plan Available!


From now on, students registering for the ATPL integrated program at BAA Training get an opportunity to choose a monthly payment plan instead of making a large payment upfront! Special offer: Join the February group and secure the best course price!

Please keep in mind that by choosing monthly payments for following after February groups, the total cost of the training course might be up to 10% higher.

You will be issued monthly invoices and charged after the factual training services are provided.

With this training scheme you can:

Easier fund the training (avoid bank loans and their interest rates);

o  Plan your training-related expenditures in advance;

Start training immediately without any further delay;

Select an Ab Initio program of your choice since the scheme applies to ATPL Integrated and Cadet program training;

Understand what exactly you’re paying for as you will be issued monthly invoices.

It is totally up to you which payment scheme to choose – the few-time upfront payment or monthly installments.

If you would like to receive more detailed information about the payment model, please get in touch with our training consultants by filling the form here:

Course content


Theoretical part consists of 15 subjects (776:15 hours with exams) to be completed in 10 months.

  • Air law
  • Communication
  • Operating procedures
  • Mass and balance
  • Instrumentation
  • Meteorology
  • Aircraft general knowledge
  • Flight planning
  • Performance
  • General navigation
  • Radio navigation
  • Human performance & limitations
  • Principles of flight
  • VFR/IFR communications
  • Advanced UPRT

Flight training consists of 212 hrs. including training in the Flight Navigation Procedures Trainer, single-engine and multi-engine aircraft as well as Fixed-Base Simulator (FBS).*

  • 145 hours – single-engine aircraft
  • 11 hours – multi-engine aircraft
  • 40 hours – FNPT II
  • 16 hours – FBS

*Including time dedicated for flying exams.

**Flight training sessions take place all year round.


Find out more about our fleet here.


Area 100 KSA (Knowledge, Skills, and Attitudes) is a new subject in theoretical pilot training. It follows a competency-based training and assessment (CBTA) philosophy and is often referred to as a “paradigm shift” that modernizes flight crew training.


The aim of Area 100 KSA is to develop and access student pilots’ certain behavioral competencies besides the technical ones. The competencies based on ICAO core principles are the following: communication, leadership and teamwork, problem-solving and decision-making, situation awareness, workload management, and application of knowledge.


Students will have to complete one formative assessment, two summative ones, and one mental math test during the learning process. The assessments will verify whether the students are fully equipped with the relevant competencies and have developed a “thinking pilot’s” mindset.


Read more about KSA100


Multi-Crew Cooperation (MCC) training consists of 25 hours of theoretical training and 16 hours of flight training in a full flight simulator (without motion system).

  • Air law
  • Communication
  • Operating procedures
  • Mass and balance
  • Instrumentation
  • Meteorology
  • Aircraft general knowledge
  • Flight planning
  • Performance
  • General navigation
  • Radio navigation
  • Human performance
  • Principles of flight
  • VFR/IFR communications

You will be provided with all the material needed for your successful training at BAA Training.

Training materials:

  • Vol.5 Radio Navigation e-book
  • NM-2 ruler
  • PP-1 protractor
  • CB-3 knee board
  • CRP-5
  • Vol. 1 Flying training e-book
  • Logbook
  • Tablet computer


  • Tailor-made uniform
  • Polo shirts for the flight season
  • ATP(A) CBT (Bristol ATP theory software)
  • Instructor fees
  • Theory exams at the academy


  • Aircraft fees
  • Fuel
  • Airport landing/parking fees
  • Permit costs for airports
  • VFR, NVFR, IR, MEP fees
  • Instructor fees
  • Assessment procedure – 380 EUR
  • Medical examination for the EASA Class 1 Medical certificate. Please note that it can be less expensive to have medical examination in Lithuania as a fee for there is from 296,60 EUR for men and from 308,78 EUR for women
  • Living expenses and accommodation
  • CAA exams (a fee for one exam at Lithuanian CAA is 37 EUR)
  • Issue of a professional license at Lithuanian CAA – 192 EUR

* the specified prices may change depending on service provider price changes


There are several options for students to get a partial or full funding for flight training. It is either a bank loan or different funding institutions in various countries. Find out more.

Please note that BAA Training does not provide financial support.


Student aftercare program

As part of the student aftercare program, all our ATPL Integrated and CPL Modular training programs’ students get a guaranteed 20% discount for their SEP(land), MEP(land), SEP / IR(A) and MEP / IR(A) rating renewal or revalidation for maintaining licence currency within three years after graduating.


The student aftercare program also ensures that our trainees receive proper mentorship not only while studying but also after they are done with their training. BAA Training academy works with many airlines worldwide, providing their flight crews with professional training. Often airlines ask us to refer our independent students who are about to finish or have just finished studies to them to be offered employment. Our independent candidates work in airlines such as Wizz Air, CityJet, Ryanair, GetJet, SmartLynx, Avion Express, Condor, Royal Air Morocco, Nordica, AirBaltic, Norra, etc.


One more benefit under the scope of the program is a free Pilot Skills Profile Test via AON’s assessment solutions ( This test will be helpful for graduates to understand what valuable skills they have and which ones need improvement. This tool is used by prominent airlines such as SAS, Aer Lingus, Ryanair, etc., to select the best pilots. Therefore, it could be beneficial for pilots to self-access their knowledge and abilities before going to the airlines’ interviews.


A theoretical part of your training is conducted at the academy headquarters in Vilnius, Lithuania. Take a 360 tour.

„QS Best Student Cities 2018″ placed Vilnius among TOP 100 best cities in the world for international students. According to the ranking indicators, the capital of Lithuania has a fairly low cost of living compared to other European capitals.

Vilnius - Lithuania

The city of Vilnius perfectly combines high-quality studies with unforgettable entertainment and comfortable living for a reasonable cost. Living in Vilnius can pose a unique experience for every student interested in discovering a new culture and travelling around. You can find plenty of hangout spots there such as wonderful historical places, cosy cafes, local markets, a variety of restaurants and nightclubs. Being in the heart of Europe, it is pretty easy to travel around, as you can easily reach even the furthermost cities in a few hours. Also, Vilnius has an easy access to nature within walking distance.

For the long term accommodation we offer LOOP hotel. The newly-built hotel of contemporary design, located next to the BAA Training premises, will provide you with a comfortable stay. LOOP hotel is located 1 kilometre away from the International Vilnius Airport and 3 kilometres away from the city centre.

The practical training will be held at one of our aerodromes. You could find more information about the aerodromes here.

If you have your practical training at Kaunas flight base, you can choose between staying in Vilnius and commuting to the aerodrome every day or temporarily moving to Kaunas. BAA Training could offer several partner hotels in Kaunas at affordable prices.

If you have your practical training at Lleida-Alguaire International Airport in Spain, BAA Training will also provide you with all the necessary information needed for staying there.

Lleida-Alguaire Airport is 150 km away from Barcelona’s city centre and you could easily reach the city by using public transport or by renting a car. BAA Training will inform you about transportation prices and accommodation possibilities. The academy has a number of partner hotels and apartments to stay in the area or you can choose one by yourself.

In Lleida, the famous Spanish sunshine is what you get here free of charge. Besides, food and culture are the main things you also need to enjoy in Spain. Lleida offers a wide variety of landscapes from the high Pyrenees mountains to national parks. In addition, Lleida is rich in its monumental heritage – historical churches and museums. You could also visit plenty of local pubs, cafes and restaurants to taste local dishes and drinks or to hang out with friends.

With Spain’s warm climate and outdoor lifestyle, you may find yourself spending much of your free time sitting at cafés, enjoying the sun, or exploring the cultural monuments.

Minimum entry requirements


Over 18 years old


Secondary or higher

Physical status

Valid EASA 1st Class Medical Certificate

Personal competence and aptitude

All candidates must go through special tests and interviews developed by the selection commission of the BAA Training for social competence and aptitude assessment

Theoretical preparation

Knowledge of Mathematics, Physics, and English is of key importance.

Steps of the preselection process:

1. Contact us

Please fill out the form below in order to get your personal manager at BAA Training who will guide you through the whole preselection process.

2. Initial discussion on terms, conditions and answers to possible Qs

You will be reached by email or phone to discuss your needs and terms of application. At this stage, the personal manager will answer all of your questions.

3. Document screening and schedule of the assessment date

After you provide your CV, scanned copy of your passport valid to travel abroad and educational documents you are ready to set the date of the assessment.

4. Candidate assessment

Go through the candidate assessment process allowing to assess whether you possess certain personal traits, competencies, cognitive abilities and skills, English language knowledge and motivation necessary for a successful pilot.

The assessment is conducted through the reliable and valid test system Cut-e as well as a semi-structural interview.

ATPL preselection

Candidate’s Assessment

A candidate’s assessment is a procedure carried out to determine whether you possess the necessary qualities and skills to become a pilot.

The entire assessment takes 4.5 hours and consists of the four following parts:

  • cut-e cognitive abilities
  • cut-e English
  • cut-e personal traits, competencies
  • interview with an assessment specialist.

The assessment could be done either at a training centre or online.

In both cases, the procedure is the same, with the exception that online assessment you can do at any convenient location.

Pilot-student life highlights

See how our students’ days look like at BAA Training

About BAA Training

BAA Training is one of TOP 3 biggest independent aviation training centers in Europe. It counts over 20 years of proven experience in pilot training. Students from more than 50 countries have already chosen BAA Training.

With modern BAA Training training facilities and equipment ATPL Integrated course is done in less than 2 years.

Theory training is conducted in Vilnius – one of the top cities for students with fairly low cost living expenses. Flight bases for practical training are located in Lithuania and Spain to ensure all-year-round training.

BAA Training is proud of its high standard training approach which is acknowledged by a wide pool of partner airlines as they invite BAA Training alumni to join their crews.

Let's talk!

Let us know how we can help you. Please fill out the form below and we will do our best to get in touch within one working day to discuss your personal needs and requirements.

Considering the situation related to international travel, in order to have smooth journey and avoid possible inconveniences while crossing the borders, we highly recommend checking the information regarding travelling from your country to Lithuania.

    Tell us about your aviation experience *

    Where would you like to study? *

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    It was a great training session, Paul is a great instructor that keeps us all very interested in learning and there was also an excellent interaction. The content is very useful which we should keep in mind for life. Technically we didn't lose anything of doing this training on a web-based platform, so I think BAA Training should consider this format for the future. I'm very happy with your support and with the training I received.

    Eurico from Portugal,

    BAA Training indeed could offer everything I was looking for: a competitive price, beautiful aircraft to fly, job security as a First Officer with SmartLynx at the end of my training, and young, competent, open and always helpful staff and the Management.

    Patrizio Pochetti,
    SmartLynx Cadet

    Being a part of BAA Training is a great experience! I appreciate the quality of the instructors and facilities. Also it is so good to be sure that I can always count on the help of the staff. Moreover, I like the way the airline is checking our progression which is quite promising for the future. They truly care about their cadets!

    Arthur Biberian ,
    SmartLynx Cadet

    Instructors at BAA Training are professionals sharing the best experience and knowledge with students, indeed. The staff is also very friendly and ready to help handle any issue. I would really recommend BAA Training for future pilots willing to have the best and up-to-date knowledge as well as experience for their next step carrier.

    Tomas Miežis,
    ATPL theory student

    By combining pilot training with bachelor studies, you gain double advantage. With this study program you not only get pilot license, but bachelor degree as well, which will be a huge advantage on your CV not mentioning your professional experience.

    Marians Purmalis,
    Aviation Management student

    Regarding the training program with BAA Training I'm really happy about the idea to have our flying season in the summer right after the theory course and before the other theory course in autumn starts. It allows us to have a "break" and flying reminds us why we are doing the training. Even though the theory is the hard part of a pilot training, I still really liked to do it at BAA Training, mainly because our ground instructors did their best to make the theory easier by being really patient and available whenever we need them.

    Marvin Germaini,
    Wizz Air Cadet

    Wizz Air Cadet training program is prepared by professionals and adjusted to let us start our job of dream as fast as possible. The schedule is tight but this is necessary to complete the training within the given time. The instructors are experienced people with passion for flying. The way they share their knowledge with us made our way of becoming professional pilots much easier

    Łukasz Laskowski,
    Wizz Air Cadet

    I chose the Integrated ATPL, because it's effective - I was able to finish it in just over 1,5 years. I found all the instructors to be very helpful and they really put energy and time into teaching both the theory and the flying part.

    Per Ljung,
    Boeing 737 Pilot

    From the very beginning I knew that being an instructor requires special skills, knowledge and patience that were a challenge for me. Although the Flight Instructor course lasted only a few weeks, I found the professional guidance and training on all fronts. This allowed to pass the knowledge and skills to the new generation of future airline pilots.

    Abdelrahman Mowafi ,
    Flight Instructor at BAA Training

    During my flying season I had an opportunity to fly with many instructors, learn from their different experience, which shared with me. So in the end I could say that I managed to become a cadet pilot only with BAA Training instructors’ help.

    Marija Vaiciulionyte ,
    Student at BAA Training

    Not only BAA Training is growing fast, but it also cares about every single student! Flight instructors and examiners are really friendly and have great experience. Also, they speak fluent English or even other languages.

    Dovydas Valadkevicius,
    Student at BAA Training

    Sincere thanks to all my instructors, managers and everyone else supporting me throughout my training. I wish the best of luck to all my colleagues and the future students joining the dream maker (aka BAA Training).

    Cosmin Puscas ,
    Student at BAA Training

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