In order to start any pilot training programs you will need to get a Medical Certificate. Class 1 or Class 2 medical check is needed depending on the requirements for a specific licence you are going to acquire.


You can register for the Initial Class 1 medical check by phone +370 5 274 38 42 or ask your sales/training manager for assistance.

The Medical Centre is located in Vilnius, Antakalnis district. It is based in a hospital (Antakalnio street 124). When reaching the hospital yard, continue straight ahead. In front of you, you will see the sign “Aviacijos Medicinos Centras”.

At the Medical Centre

After having registered by phone, you will be assigned a date for the medical check. Our advice is to arrive as early as possible because that will probably mean that you will finish sooner. However, the initial check lasts two days so don’t get too excited. Do not eat or drink anything in the morning (this is required for the blood test) and prepare a sample of your fresh urine in a small plastic container (can be bought in any pharmacy) so you don‘t have to sweat trying to do it in the centre. You also have to bring your passport, psychiatric papers, a pen for filling in forms at the centre, a sufficient amount of money in cash to cover the costs (see below) and some snacks and water to keep you alive during the whole day. Once you arrive at the Medical Centre and present your documents, you will be told what to do and where to go next.

MEDICAL CHECK at the “Aviacijos Medicinos Centras”PRICE
Initial medical check for Class 1/ Class 2 Medical Certificate (for men)296,60 €
Initial medical check for Class 1/ Class 2 Medical Certificate (for women)308,78 €
Revalidation of Medical CertificateFrom 37,26 €

The fee should be paid at the Medical Centre by cash/credit card as instructed by the nurse at the reception.


Class 1 Medical Certificate is generally valid for 1 year, Class 2 Medical Certificate – 5 years. For revalidation, you have to complete a health examination within endmost 45 validity days of your medical certificate. It is possible to receive a re-validate Medical Certificate not only at “Aviacijos Medicinos Centras”, There is a list of CAA approved doctors. For example:

Doctor Raimonda Kungytė
Antakalnio str. 59, Vilnius,
Phone: +370 676 01314

The price of Medical Certificate re-validation will vary depending on what kind of analysis will be carried out. Please note that CAA approved doctors can also issue Initial Class 2 Medical Certificates.

Validation of your foreign Medical Certificate

If you do not hold any licence, your medical certificate must be done in Lithuania according to Lithuanian CAA.

If you already hold a licence you will only need to validate your medical certificate in Lithuania. The first step to take is to go to the CAA, by which your medical was issued, and inform them that you would like to change it. You will be asked to fill up a form and later on all your medical entries will be sent to Lithuanian CAA. Regarding further steps you will be informed during the process.