There are several options for students to get a partial or full funding for flight training. It is either a bank loan or different funding institutions in various countries.

The first and most common option is to take a loan from a bank. In order to take a loan from a bank you will need a security in the form of property. There is also a possibility that your parents or other relatives could take out a loan on their property on your behalf.

Most European banks can also offer similar solutions. The terms and conditions vary according to the bank and the country which it operates in. The best way is to contact your local bank directly to find out whether it has a loan scheme for a flight training program.

Partial funding can be received from various institutions. BAA Training is an authorised aviation academy in Finland, Sweden and Denmark and Tajikistan where citizens can apply for a student‘s loan or financial aid through different institutions:

Please note that BAA Training does not provide financial support itself.