BAA Training fleet consists of 9 Cessna 172S, 11 single-engine Tecnam P2002JF, 2 multi-engine Tecnam P2006T aircraft and a single-engine helicopter Cabri G-2. You can find aircraft specifications below.

2 x FNPT II – Flight Navigation Procedure Trainers are closely designed to match our training aircraft where you will be practicing your instrument flying technique and sharpening your skills when flying is not permitted during the cold season. FNPT II trainers simulate Cesna 172S and Tecnam P2006T aircraft.

Fleet and FNPT II

Get to know the aircraft you are going to master. Find out specifications of each model at BAA Training and if you still have questions just contact us!

11 x Tecnam P2002JF
Tecnam P2002JF 
Airplane Length6,61 m
Wing span8,6 m
Airplane height2,43 m
Wing area11,5 m2
Empty weight360 kg
Maximum flight weight600 kg
Engine TypeROTAX 912S2
Power, hp1 x 100
Cruising speed210 (113) km/h (knots)
Practical flight distance1050 km
Crew1 or 2 pilot
Passengers0 or 1
8 x Cessna 172S
Cessna 172S 
Airplane Length8.20 m
Wing span10.92 m
Airplane height2.68 m
Wing area16.20 m2
Empty weight630 kg
Maximum flight weight1180 kg
Engine TypeLycoming O320
Power, hp1 х 150
Cruising speed196 (106) km/h (knots)
Practical flight distance880 km
Crew1 or 2 pilot
Passengers3 or 2
2 x Tecnam P2006T
Tecnam P2006T 
Airplane Length8,7 m
Wing span11,4 m
Airplane height2,85 m
Wing area14,8 m2
Empty weight800 kg
Maximum flight weight1230 kg
Engine TypeROTAX 912S3
Power, hp2 x 98
Cruising speed250 (135) km/h (knots)
Practical flight distance1250 km
Crew1 or 2 pilot
Passengers3 or 2
1 x Cabri G-2
Cabri G-2 
EngineLycoming O-360 four-cylinder, carbureted
Horsepower145 hp
Maximum Gross Weight700 kg
Approximate Empty Weight
(including oil and standard avionics)
420 kg
Fuel45 US Gal (170 ltr)
Max Airspeed (Vne)100 kts
Cruise Speed90 kts
Maximum Range380 nm
Hover Ceiling IGE5000 ft
Hover Ceiling OGE7500 ft
Max Operating Altitude13 000 ft
Electrical System14 volt
FNPT II trainer 
Aircraft for flight simulationCesna 172 and Tecnam P2006T
AvionicsGarmin G950 IFDS; PFD Garmin GDU-1040; MFD Garmin GDU-1040; ADF Bendix/King KR87
Date of manufactureJanuary, 2013
Computer system3 IBM compatible computers, with Microsoft Windows 7
Visual SystemThree digital projectors BENQ MX511, one curved screen with 35 degrees vertical by 135 degrees horizontal Field of View with the refresh rate 30 fps.