Below is the list of the frequently asked questions that we receive from Ab Initio students. Look through it if you have any questions, however, if you do not find the answer you are looking for, feel free to contact us at [email protected]

Below is the list of the frequently asked questions that we receive from Ab Initio students. Look through it if you have any questions, however, if you do not find the answer you are looking for, feel free to contact us at [email protected]


How can I register for the Initial 1 Class Medical Check?

Please do it by phone +370 5 274 38 42 or ask your sales/training manager for assistance.

Where is the Medical Centre located?

The Medical Centre is located in Vilnius, Antakalnio district. It is based in a hospital, which address is Antakalnio street 124 or another one in Antakalnio street 59. After entering the hospital yard, continue straight ahead. In front of you, you will see the sign “Aviacijos Medicinos Centras”.

What to do at the Medical Centre?

After registering by phone, you will be assigned a date for the medical check. Our advice is to arrive as early as possible because that will probably mean that you will finish sooner. However, initial check lasts two days so don’t get too excited. Do not eat or drink anything in the morning (this is required for the blood test) and prepare a sample of your fresh urine in a small plastic container (can be bought in any pharmacy) so you don‘t have to sweat trying to do it in the centre. You also have to bring your passport, report from psychiatrist, report form narcologist, medical history from family doctor for last 5 years, a pen for filling blanks, sufficient amount of money in cash to pay for your check (see Question 4) and some snacks and water to keep you alive during whole day. Once you arrive to the Medical Centre and present your documents, you will be told what to do and where to go next.

How much I have to pay for the Medical Certificate?

Initial medical check for Class 1 Medical Certificate costs 296,60 € for men and 308,78 € for women, revalidation at the “Aviacijos Medicinos Centras” costs from 37,26 €, depends on medical tests required. Initial check for Class 2 Medical costs 296,60 € for men and 308,78 € for women as well. The fee should be paid at the Medical Centre by cash / credit card as instructed by the nurse at the reception

How long is my Medical Certificate valid?

Class 1 Medical Certificate is generally valid for 1 year, Class 2 Medical Certificate – 5 years. For revalidation, you have to complete the health examination within endmost 45 validity days of your medical certificate. It is possible to re-validate medical certificate not only at “Aviacijos Medicinos Centras”, but also seeing other, TCA approved, doctors. For example:

Doctor Raimonda Kungytė
Antakalnio str. 59, Vilnius,
Phone: +370 676 01314

The price of medical certificate re-validation will vary depending on what kind of analysis will be made. Please note that TCA approved doctors can also issue initial Class 2 medical certificates.

How can I validate my foreign medical certificate?

To get Lithuanian licence, you will need to change it to Lithuanian one. First step to take is to go to the TCA, by which your medical was issued, and inform them that you would like to change it. You will be asked to fill up a form and later on all your medical entries will be send to Lithuanian TCA. Regarding further steps you will be informed during the process.


What is the main training material for the ground course?

The main training material during the BAA ground course is the CBT which are available for an iPads and PC. You may also borrow other additional training books such as Bristol ATPL theory, Pooley’s PPL, etc. from the BAA training library. Please, ask your training manager.

What to do if my CBT does not work?

If you have problems with your CBT, we suggest sending an e-mail to support team of the provider ([email protected])

How do BAA Training tests look like?

BAA Training tests are multi-choice tests with a pass score of at least 75% and a time limit. The number of questions in the test varies from 20 to almost 100, depending on a subject. It is provided in the same format as in TCA. Please note that you are not allowed to take an exam in TCA if the corresponding final test is not passed at BAA Training. The usage of mobile phones is forbidden during the exams.

What will happen if I skip lectures?

Your attendance is being monitored in the class journal by the instructor. If you skip a prescribed number of lectures, you will not be allowed to take the final test. Moreover, you are also not allowed being late for classes. Please check Student Code of Conduct for more details.

What should I wear during BAA Training ground (theory) course?

All Ab-Initio department students must wear uniforms from Monday till Thursday. On Friday jeans and T-shirts are allowed. Until uniforms are tailor-made, students are allowed to come to lectures wearing business casual style clothes. During flight season, students must wear pilot-student T-shirts or GT uniform. Please note that both at the academy and at the aerodrome student’s identification cards must be worn all the time.

If I fail my test, can I re-take it on the same day?

Unfortunately, no. Take time to re-think your mistakes and revise training material. You can retake exam soonest after two days

Do I have any vacations?

Sure you do! You will have a few weeks off during the Christian Christmas and New Year. In
addition, you may have some vacation after finishing the Ground Course (before the Flight
Training starts), but only if time allows. Please note that Ab-Initio training department must
be informed by e-mail or phone call regarding your absence during the classes due to any

My ground instructor is the best!

We really appreciate your opinion and after each Ground School Subject we will ask you to fill in a short, anonymous evaluation form for your instructor, training material quality and other personnel.


How much does it cost to take one Ground test at TCA?

One exam fee at TCA is 16.00 € for PPL and 37.00 € for ATP. It means that if you manage to pass all of your exams on the first attempt, for PPL exams you will pay 144.00 € in total and for ATP exams – 518.00 €.

When should I pay for my TCA Ground tests?

Fees and charges must be paid before the exams. When you will be ready to make a payment, please find TCA account details in the ANNEX I of this FAQ.

How should I register for TCA Ground tests?

Go to and register a new account. The bilingual (Lithuanian/English) website is pretty straight-forwarded. The only catch may be the “Select option” dropdown – here you should choose ACQUIRE LICENSE option.

Where is the TCA Ground test room?

The TCA ground test room is located at Rodūnios kelias 34, Vilnius, 1st floor. For more information, please call +370 5 273 9013

When can I start taking the TCA Ground tests?

You are allowed to start taking the TCA Ground tests after passing the corresponding Final Tests at BAA Training. It is necessary to have ground school completion certificate signed by

What I am allowed to use and how should I behave during the TCA Ground test?

During the TCA Ground tests, you are allowed to use the following:

  • Calculator (non-programmable, with no special aviation functions and text
  • Navigation computer
  • Protractor
  • Callipers
  • Ruler
  • Printed exam annex
  • Paper for notes and calculations
  • Dictionary

All of the above, except dictionary, are provided by TCA. You are allowed to use dictionaries only in a format of a book (no digital dictionaries or self-prepared ones). You are also allowed to bring your own calculator, navigation computer, protractor, callipers and ruler. However, the examiner may disapprove the use of your own tools if they do not meet the requirements. Exam annex is provided by TCA and you are not allowed to bring your own. It is forbidden to talk to others, except the examiner, during the ground test. Mobile phones must be switched off during the examination.

What will happen if I will be caught cheating during exam at TCA?

In case you are caught cheating, your exam will be terminated and you will be allowed to start taking them again only after 12 months since the occurrence. Please note that all passed exams results will be cancelled and all TCA’s, belonging to EASA, will be informed regarding this occurrence.

Can I take the TCA Ground test any day?

The exam taking days at TCA are Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday from 8 am till 4 pm.

How much time do I have to pass all the exams?

You have to pass all of the TCA exams for PPL/ATP in 18 months from taking the first one. Please note that both PPL ant ATP exams are restricted to 6 sessions, the session period will be 10 consecutive days (weekends and holidays are included). During one session you are allowed to take as many exams as you want. Nevertheless, you are not allowed to re-take the failed exam during the same session. Our advice would be to plan taking all of the exams in no more than 4 sessions. That would allow you to have 2 sessions as a backup in case you fail an exam or two.


When should I take the ICAO English test?

You have to take ICAO English language proficiency test before the start of flying season. Please note that you will not be issued any license (PPL or CPL) without the ICAO English (at least level 4) Certificate.

What is the price of ICAO English Assessment and when will I get the results?

The assessment price is 100 € and the results are usually received within 5 working days. If you want to receive the test results the next day, an additional 30 € fee will be charged. Payment must be made by cash at the assessment centre.

How can I register for the ICAO English Assessment?
Where is ICAO English Assessment centre located?

ICAO English Assessment centre is located in Vilnius, Rodūnios kelias 34.


When does the flying season start?

The flight season lasts all year long.

When will I be allowed to start flying?

You will be allowed to start flying after you finish Ground School, pass all final tests at BAA Training, 14 exams at TCA and get necessary documentation.

Which aircraft will I be flying on and who will be my instructor?

Each student will be assigned an aircraft and instructor for each phase of the flight training.

Do I have any vacations during the Flight Training?

During the flight training the students do not have any vacation unless informed differently by BAA Training.

Where will I be based for the flying season?

For the flying season you will be based either in Lleida-Alguaire airport in Spain (150 km from Barcelona) or other BAA approved flight school base in Spain

What is FNPT II?

FNPT II is a Flight Navigation and Procedures Trainer. It is mostly used for practicing Instrument flights in a cockpit similar to the real aircraft. The FNPT II is said to be more difficult to operate than the real airplane as there are features of changing weather and other conditions, repositioning the aircraft, tracking progress on the screen and freezing the flight whenever needed.

When should I fill in my logbook?

Your logbook should be filled after each flight and countersigned by your instructor. Please remember that after finishing your flight training you will need to make a summary of your logbook, so try to keep it clean. As an advice, it would be a good idea to keep an electronic version as well.

How much will I pay for the issue of my license?

An issue of PPL(A) license costs 58 €, CPL(A) costs 192 €. Please check ANNEX I of this FAQ for the TCA bank account details. The TCA licence issuing office is located on the 3rd floor of the TCA building (Rodūnios kelias 2, Vilnius), room No. 311.


Can I get the International Student Identity Card (ISIC) while studying at BAA Training?

ISIC cards are not available for BAA Training students. Regarding the new clarification from the Ministry of Transport and Communications which communicates the list of passenger categories who may use the privilege of transport discounts and the new updated list of re-qualified formal and non-formal education institutions approved by the Ministry of Science and Education of the Republic of Lithuania the students of any training organization are not entitled to become the holders of International Scholar Identity Cards (ISIC).

Where can I find some information and schedules of public transportation in Vilnius and Kaunas?

Regarding public transportation in Vilnius, you can visit On this website, you will be able to find public transportation schedules, ticket prices and much more useful information. Please note that if you buy ticket in a bus, it costs more and you must mark it. Other way of paying for you trip is by electronic card, which can be bought and charged at any convenient store (f.e. “Spaudos kioskas” or “Narvesen”). Please remember to active it every time you get on a public transport vehicle. The train schedule from Vilnius to Kaunas and ticket prices can be found on Please note that it is cheaper to buy ticket at the train station than on board. The bus schedules from Vilnius to Kaunas can be checked on The ticket price depends on a route and the carrier you choose. However, there is no difference in price while buying ticket at a bus station or on board. For public transportation schedules and tickets prices in Kaunas, you can visit

If needed, where can I get some medical assistance?

For general medical assistance, we would suggest you to visit private hospital “Baltijos – Amerikos klinika” (address Nemenčinės pl. 54a, Vilnius). Please check for more information. In case of dental emergency, you can seek “Žalgirio klinika” (address Žalgirio g. 115, 117, Vilnius). Registration available by phone: +370 52727367 or +37052727334. In case of emergency, call 112. Please note that private hospitals charge more for their services than the state ones.

How can I open a local bank account?

It is really easy. You just need to go to a bank and say that you want one. Please note to bring your passport and resident permit. If you still do not have one, a copy of your study service agreement or a confirmation from BAA Training about your student status will work perfectly. The bank security office will take around a week for your background check. It is important to remember that different fees may apply.

What can I do in Vilnius during my free time?

There is a lot of different kind of events going on in Vilnius all year long. Please visit for up to date information.


Initial medical check for Class 1/
Class 2 Medical Certificate (for men)
296,60 €
Initial medical check for Class 1/ Class 2 Medical Certificate (for women) 308,78 €
Revalidation of Medical Certificate From 37,26€
PPL theory exam 16€ 7.1.2.
ATPL theory exam 37€  7.1.1.
Class rating (e.g. SEP(land), MEP(land)) 60€ 2.1.5.
The issue of PPL(A) licence 58€ 2.1.3.
The issue of CPL(A) licence 192€ 2.1.1.
Language proficiency
Language proficiency 100€
Language proficiency (results the same day) 130€

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