S. Darius ir S. Girėnas Aerodrome

The aerodrome is located at Veiverių st. 132 in Kaunas (only 92km from the capital – Vilnius).

ICAO code: EYKS category 2B
Type:Civil Aerodrome
Altitude:246 feet high
Runway length: 1130 m
The runway surface: asphalt / concrete
Aerodrome control service (tower):135.5MHz
Airfield occupies:193.6 ha

Istros Aerodrome

The aerodrome is located in Stanioniai (Panevezys district, 12 km from the city centre).

Type: Civil Aerodrome
Altitude: 164 feet high
Runways: 12L/30R, 12R/30L
Runways length: 600m; 800m
Runways surface: asphalt and gravel/grass
Aerodrome control service (tower):123.250MHz

Lleida-Alguaire International Airport

BAA Training is set to run yearly flight operations starting from the 1st of October, 2018. Lleida-Alguaire International Airport is located in Alguaire, Spain, 150 km away from Barcelona‘s centre.

Type: Public Airport
Elevation:1,150 feet high
Runways: 31/13
Runways length: 2,500 m
Runways surface: asphalt
Aerodrome control service (tower):121.325MHz
Apron:36,100 m2