Online assessment prep tips

Online Assessment Preparation Tips


An online assessment to enter a pilot training program is a crucial part that requires thorough preparation to be passed successfully. Besides the absolute necessities, such as knowledge, skills and motivation, certain organizational moments play a significant role. Below are some tips that we highly recommend you follow if you are interested in scoring high during the evaluation process.

Follow the guidelines shared with you before the assessment

Every applicant receives a pdf file with all of the instructions and recommendations for preparing for the assessment. It is obligatory to go through them and behave accordingly.

Do not underestimate preparation for the interview

Preparation for the pilot aptitude tests is essential, but preparation for the interview carries the same importance. Practice answering interview questions you will probably be asked and take more time to analyze what it is like to be studying aviation. Working on your English language skills might be another target of yours.

Choose a suitable workplace

The place where you take the assessment should allow you to be undistracted by outside matters, background noise or passing by people. For instance, make sure your family does not start driving your attention away, and please take other measures to ensure the overall environment is appropriate for taking the assessment.

Choose the right camera angle

For example, if you sit down in front of the camera, leaving the sun behind your back, your face will not be seen properly. Look directly into your camera but not at yourself or the person you are talking to. This way, it will appear, on the other end of your meeting, that you are looking into the eyes of your interlocutor.

Manage your sound settings beforehand

You should check whether your microphone and headset are working. Using the headset is preferable since otherwise, there might be an echo making it difficult for the accessor to hear and understand you.

Choose presentable outfit

Although the assessment is held online, you are still expected to choose a formal outfit. For instance, shorts or a hoody are not suitable for this type of setting.

Be punctual

Being punctual is a must for online and physical meetings, so make sure you do not join late. There might be more than one candidate participating, so if someone is late, others have to wait for the absentee, which should be avoided.

Make sure technical equipment and tools work well

Test the equipment you will be using during the assessment, such as a laptop, an Ipad, etc., beforehand. In addition, having a good Internet connection is mandatory.

Take a good rest before the assessment

While it is recommended to prepare, doing it the night before the assessment instead of having enough sleep might harm your performance. Also, drink enough water and collect some energy to do your best in the evaluation.


To sum up, you should remember that an online meeting is no different from a physical one. It requires proper consideration of a set of factors: outfit, punctuality, preparation and making an effort so that the assessor finds it easy to see, hear and understand the candidate. The only obligation unique for the assessment conducted remotely is the technical part that you have to handle in advance.