Key school subjects if your goal is to become a pilot

Key school subjects if your goal is to become a pilot


If you are willing to become a pilot, what school subjects are of key importance?

You can definitely start preparing for an uplifting pilot career while you are at school. Do you know what school subjects are of key importance if your goal is to become a pilot?

The English Language. You must agree that a pilot’s profession is extraordinary as it presents a variety of international career opportunities. The English Language is the official language of aviation, therefore, it’s the cornerstone. Pilots use English to communicate among themselves and with their crew members, provide and accept all essential information via the radio, English is also used to register flight reports.

Physics. There is no requirement for you to become another Einstein, however, before entering a cockpit you need to have good knowledge of the key theories in Physics and how they work since a flight is nothing but applied Physics. Physics lessons at school provide knowledge on attractive and repulsive forces, the importance of impetus, while aviation training takes you deeper into the topics to learn what forces affect an aircraft during take-off and when in the air.

Mathematics. Every aviation professional must be very good with numbers – be quick, accurate and great at mental calculation. You cannot expect to have a calculator at all times, but you can be certain that you will need to rely on your calculation skills even in stressful situations: to determine aircraft position, speed changes, or fuel consumption.

Physical Education classes appear to be a valuable investment into a pilot’s career as well since good health is one of the main criteria during the pilot selection process. It is important to highlight that pilots are required to have their health checked once a year and, subsequently, to acquire a First Class Medical Certificate.

Geography. The knowledge gained in Geography lessons is not to going to be checked during the pilot selection process, however, it is of practical importance. The whole world opens up in front of you during Geography lessons. While studying about continents and countries you will learn about flight destinations, you will find out what cities and geographical features can be seen out of a window while flying over a particular area. But you will also gain a lot of practical knowledge of the climate and winds typical of particular regions.

These are the subjects that will form the basis of the knowledge essential for pilot studies. What are the subjects that pilots study? You can find out here. However, it is not finite since pilots are the ones who are engaged in lifelong learning.