December 2018

31 Dec

Dreaming about Wizz Air pilot career? Meet us in Italy and discover more!

We are BAA Training, one of the leading Northern European aviation training centers, and we would like to invite you to meet this January in Milan! During the event, you will have a great chance to meet with a captain of Wizz Air, find out everything about Wizz Air cadet program and how to become a pilot! The largest low-cost airline in Central and Eastern Europe is looking for the aspiring future pilots to join the Wizz Air professional pilot team! Do not miss your chance to learn the details of the Wizz Air Cadet program, and find out more about...

20 Dec

Travelling on Christmas: What You Need to Know

We all know holidays add to the stress level almost each of us experience, especially when we have to travel on a Christmas Day by airplane to see our beloved ones. Then flight delays are always a hassle, as no one wants to be stuck at the airport while their family are digging into Christmas dinner. Fortunately, you are lucky enough if you are reading this article right before your flight! We will remind you and share some simple tips to reduce the holiday stress. „Worst“ Days to Travel The infographic, created by eBay, shows that the worst day to travel during the...

TOP 10 Christmas gifts for pilots
19 Dec

TOP 10 Christmas Gifts for Pilots

Everyone knows, it’s quite hard to surprise a pilot and the biggest challenge comes while choosing a Christmas gift which would appeal to those „high flyers“. If you really want to find a creative and practical gift for an aviation enthusiast, you've come to the right place! From aviation-themed socks to an ultra-smart gadget, these are the gifts for every budget that would appeal to every aviation geek.   1. Bose A20 Aviation Headset If you want to make a pilot’s navigation procedure more pleasant and your Christmas budget is of no concern, then this aviation headset is a perfect gift for a...

7 Dec

Did You Know How New Aircraft Names Are Created?

Which aircraft types have you travelled by? Have you ever noticed that aircraft names are not just a combination of letters and numbers randomly assigned to the aircraft? Actually, there is a fine-tuned system behind it. Every manufacturer has a pretty rigid code for its aircraft names. Let’s start with Airbus and take a look into the Airbus aircraft names. Airbus 300 was the first aircraft produced by the company. The name was created following a simple rule: the first letter “A” stands for the company name Airbus and 300 was the number of the aircraft’s capacity. Afterwards, Airbus decided to...