July 2018

18 Jul

Did You Know: The First Flight Simulator

You most likely now all about the modern full flight simulators that help future pilots learn how to fly various aircraft. But have you ever wondered, when was the first flight simulator created and who created it? It all starts with a man named Edwin Albert Link. Born in 1904 to a family where his father built and repaired organs and pianos. Edwin inherited his father’s love to tinker and soon enough began building and repairing organs and pianos of its own. Since he was little, Edwin had an eye for aviation and as soon as he could, he took his...

3 Jul

BAA Training Invests over 1.2M EUR into Ab Initio Training Equipment

BAA Training, one of the biggest independent aviation training centres in Europe, is expanding its Ab Initio flight school capacity by investing over 1.2M EUR into new learning material and equipment. Recently, the Academy has purchased 4 new aircraft, two Cessna 172 and two Tecnam T2002, which are expected to join the fleet currently consisting of 2 Cessna 172, 2 Tecnam P2006T and 9 Tecnam P2002JF aircraft. The brand new four aircraft are due to be delivered to BAA Training and arrive in Vilnius by the middle of July. Last year BAA Training used 8,000 hours for training students in the aircraft...