May 2018

23 May

Did You Know: “Chemtrail” Conspiracy Theories – Are They Real?

Perhaps you already heard of a theory that aircrafts exhaust a chemical trail, also called “chemtrail”? Conspiracy theorists claim that it is meant to manage solar radiation, manipulate peoples, control human population, and modify the weather as well as cause illnesses and other health issues. We all have seen the white or dark trail left behind an aircraft. But what actually is it? Can it really affect our health? Let us go through some of the acclaimed “chemtrails” and explain what it is. It Comes Out of the Wingtips It does come out of the wingtips but that is no “chemtrail” – it...

8 May

DID YOU KNOW: Why Most Airplane Seats are Blue?

Have you ever wondered about the colour of airplane seats? Have you noticed most of them are blue? You may think it is all about the clouds, the sky and the whole magic of a flight. But is it true? Just think about colours and how they affect us in different situations. Probably, most of us have noticed that there are a lot of famous brand logos or even hospitals designed in blue. According to colour psychology experts, the colour blue boosts confidence and trust in many situations. As Artitudes Design, a graphic design company, specifies, “blue helps a person to...