11 Apr

Did You Know How a Flight Dispatcher’s Day Looks Like?

This is a person, who has the same knowledge as a pilot when it comes to routing, weather, aircraft systems and limitations of emergency management. A person, who manages the entire inbound and outbound movement of a single aircraft. A person, who can sometimes be named as a “pilot who stays on the ground” as they both share 50/50 responsibility of safe operations of each and every flight plan. Ladies and gentlemen, let us introduce you to the flight dispatcher’s profession.

As one might guess, a flight dispatcher’s day is quite busy. After logging into the terminal, they go through various procedures that include checking the weather, going through information whether any airports are experiencing any delays, as well as checking the current winds and looking out for any major headwinds.

And only then the main work begins. Planning passengers’ boarding and cargo, managing take-offs, choosing the best and safest destination routes for aircraft whilst alongside monitoring those flights and constantly keeping the pilots up to date on any changes. They report reroutes, turbulence and altitude changes as well as update their fuel burns and much more.

Indeed a busy day for a flight dispatcher. But it is all worth the while! The pay is great (in Europe a flight dispatchers’ average salary is €22K – €24K per year), working hours are flexible (some days you can be an early bird, and some days you can explore your inner night owl), and if you love aviation, maybe it is time to consider joining this amazing team!


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