13 Feb

Welcoming day at the flight school

On Friday the 1st of September 2017, my flight school organized an event they would welcome the new students and celebrate the graduation of the ones who are finishing pilot studies. The event was organized at the Vilnius International Airport (VNO) gathered BAA Training management, flight instructors and new as well as graduating students with their families.

The event started at the VIP terminal of VNO airport. Everybody gathered at around 16:30, collected their identification and passed the security point. For about 30 minutes we introduced to each other and made small talk. I tried to find all the people who will be in my cadet group, introduce myself and ask them about how was the selection process for them. I’ve got a chance to talk to some of the older and more experienced students who were very interested in sharing their experience with me. At around 17:15 we boarded a bus which took us to the large hall of the airport fire department.

Inside the hall it was set up for the special ceremony and looked nicely done. In the beginning the BAA Training CEO and deputy of training gave their speeches. Afterwards everyone got a chance to introduce themselves and say. It was interesting to me how all the older students kept repeating on sentence to us, the new students. It was “good luck with the CAA exams”. I figured it’s probably the hardest thing throughout the whole program.

Later students from each cadet program gave speeches about their studies, why they decided to apply for the airline they did, how they decided to become an airline pilot and what they are expecting in the future. It was very useful to hear about the experience of someone who already went through the training.

Since the hall was very close to the taxiway, we enjoyed watching the planes taxing by, taking off and landing. We then took group photos, enjoyed some light food and mainly chatted with each other. The break was followed by the graduation ceremony.

Students who were nearing the end of their flight training or who have already finished it received their diplomas and wings. It was an amazing moment to witness. Emotions and happiness surrounded everyone and I couldn’t help but think if one day I will have such a moment. The graduates got their cake which many have enjoyed afterwards.

The event lasted for over 3 hours after which me and the guys from my cadet group had a drink in the city. I couldn’t wait for Monday to start my training!

Atricle source: Dušan Pavlovič blog