29 Jan

Avion Express – your future employer?

While being on pursue of a new job we mainly focus on ourselves – how to deliver yourself in front of a potential employer? What benefits could we bring to the company in case of employment? While it is the key approach for a successful job hunt, it is also important to understand what you are applying for. Is that the airline that you are willing to commit to and perform at your best for at least several upcoming years? Does this company have corporate traits that will be able to meet your career expectations? There is no need to ‘reinvent the wheel’, simply do your homework by learning about the company as much as you can. Since BAA Training is working with a number of partners offering Cadet Programmes, let us introduce you with one of your potential future employers – Avion Express.

Variety of destinations and loads of flight hours

Let’s start from the beginning – Avion Express is a Lithuanian-based airline providing charter and ACMI (wet-leasing) services. Started in 2005 as Nordic Solutions Air Services, it was rebranded in 2008 to Avion Express. It is the largest airline in Lithuania and the leading narrow-body wet-lease operator in the world. During 2017 Avion Express was operating 16 Airbus 319/320/321 aircraft. Even though the airline is based in Lithuania its destinations are worldwide. During the summer, when the holiday season is at its peak, charter airline fleet lands all over the European holiday destinations: Spain, Greece, Germany, Bulgaria, Turkey, Croatia and Italy airports. Meanwhile during the winter season, pilots can expect to land and take off in various airports of South America, Asia and Caribbean regions. Working for a charter airline means a variety of destinations, which allows pilots to gain experience of landings and take-offs in different airports and under different circumstances. In addition to that, in summer of 2017 the airline reached an impressive milestone of 200 block hours per day, which, for you, as a potential employee, means that pilots at Avion Express provide plenty of hours to build your flying experience.

Airline for airlines

Avion Express is the leading wet-lease operator in Lithuania, therefore operating on the Business-to-Business model, the company is based on four key values: professionalism, flexibility, teamwork and positivity. ‘We are an airline for airlines. Our vision is to provide our clients with the top quality services’, comments Laura Macutkevic, Human Resources Manager at Avion Express.

The company marks 2017 as the year of innovations when it comes to putting such business approach into practice. During the last year the airline has implemented Operations and Crewing system RAIDO, aircraft engineering planning and maintenance system OASES; and continues working on an implementation of a full electronic flight bag solution for all the fleet allowing to get rid of paper work. Avion Express has already signed an agreement with IFS (International Flight Support), a Danish company providing Paperless Flight Bag™ – modular, fully customized, integrated EFB platform – to support its system

Airline of opportunities

At the moment Avion Express has 55 First Officers. Even though the market is tempting with possibilities of rapid growth, the company seeks for controllable growth in order to maintain highly professional services provided for their clients. Still, during the 2018 it is planned to raise the number up to 90 F/O.

Looking for the new team members, the airline once again returns to their key values, therefore pilots eager to join the airline should be flexible, motivated, willing to adapt to internal operations and professional not only in terms of qualification, but at every step of airline representation. Positive, innovative and with a teamwork mind-set pilots would easily fit the company’s internal culture.

‘Since we are constantly growing, in the number of employees as well as professionally as a company, throughout the year we organize various events to promote our core values, to bring all employees together and help them get to know each other. Also, we call ourselves ‘the company of opportunities’ for a reason – each team member is motivated to grow within the company. We support our employees and create the environment where they can grow personally and professionally, including the career ladder. We have a number of success stories in terms of career development. For example, our pilot Ruta had been working as an OCC Officer for two years and then started flying. She is now one of our female pilots who also works as a Crew Resource Management Instructor’, Laura Macutkevic shares the airline’s internal culture.

For those who are eager to become a pilot, Avion Express in cooperation with BAA Training offers a Cadet Programme. After completing the ATPL (frozen) course of this Cadet Programme, you will secure a flying job at Avion Express. For more information please visit: https://goo.gl/ro238q