22 Jan

BAA Training student pilot uniform

Like many flight academies worldwide, BAA Training imposes a certain dress code upon its students. All students are obliged to wear the student pilot uniform each day except on Fridays. On Friday we are allowed to dress casually, however still within the limits of a dress code.

BAA student pilot uniform consists of shirts, cardigans, a tie (slim, black) and pants. Interesting enough, no epaulettes. More about this later. Each part of the uniform is specifically tailored to your size and I find this very nice. Good job on this one BAA!

The shirts are the typical white pilot shirts. You can either decide to order long or short sleeved shirts. The standard package which is included in the price of the training contains two shirts (either with long or short sleeves) which in my opinion aren’t enough to get you through the week considering the fact they should be worn Monday till Thursday. You can additionally order extra shirts if you think you’ll need them. Since the winters are pretty cold in Lithuania, I decided to order 4 shirts with the long sleeves and 2 with short sleeves. This way I’ll have one for each day of the week and for the flying season which starts in spring I’ll use the short-sleeved shirts as well. For those interested, they are 65% Polyester and 35% Cotton and such a pain in the neck to iron. All shirts are marked with the BAA Training student pilot patch.

Next in the package is the cardigan. It is a familiar black cardigan with elbow patches you may see if you google (student) pilot cardigans. I must say I was pleasantly surprised with how they feel. After the uniform tryouts with the tailors, I was a bit worried that the cardigans would itch my skin, however they turned out better than I have expected. They feel pretty soft, are easy to put on and off and can be easily ironed. Like the shirts they include the BAA Training markings. The basic package includes just one cardigan, however I ordered additional one. They are 50% Acrylic and 50% out of wool.

Additionally, the basic pack includes one black pants. Since they are not containing any markings I didn’t order any additional, but instead decided to use other black pants which I have already bought some time ago. Made 44% out of wool, 54% out of PES and 2% out of Lycra, like every pair of dress pants they are a huge pain in the neck when it comes to ironing, considering that you have to maintain that front line.

Obviously with this kind of uniform you should have the appropriate shoes which I recommend you always keep cleaned and polished. You can say a lot about a person base on in what condition their uniform is.

Since the school doesn’t provide (one or two stipe) epaulettes for the students and doesn’t have a certain rule stating when and which you should wear I decided not to have any at the moment. I feel as It is only appropriate to wear them once I have earned them and since I am still just in ground school, it is most definitely not a time jet. I will probably wait for my first solo flight after which I will put on the “one stripe” epaulettes and then in the future once I start the multi engine training I might put “two stripes”.

Overall, I think it is very nice to have a uniform because it brings a class of students closer and after all prepares you for the future.

Atricle source: Dušan Pavlovič blog