17 Oct

Did You Know That One Of The Fastest Helicopters Will Have its Legacy In 2020?

Eurocopter X3 was one of the fastest helicopters to achieve 472 km/h in level flight over France on June 2013 setting an unofficial speed record for a helicopter. Unfortunately, the super – fast helicopter retired in 2014.

After 3 years of research and deep analysis of X3, on June 2017 at the Paris air show, Airbus Helicopters revealed a high-speed demonstrator configuration based on the X3 called Racer for Rapid and Cost-Effective Rotorcraft. Optimised for a cruise over 400 km/h, it will be 50% faster than a conventional helicopter. It is estimated to consume less fuel per distance with the speed of 330 km/h compared to helicopters which fly 240 km/h. This leads to 25% in cost reduction per distance.

Time is crucial for medics, soldiers and all of us, so the greater speed of helicopters might help to save more lives in case of various emergency situations.