27 Sep

Did You Know that Airbus Patented a Trap Door?

Every year engineers install some new updates or gadgets to ensure passengers safety in new cars. Aviation, as the safest means of transport, constantly innovates too. Airbus, one of the biggest aeroplane manufacturers, patented rather strange aeroplane upgrades for passengers and flight crew safety.

One of the examples is a patent obtained by Airbus in 2002, which involves fitting a freaking trap door in front of the cockpit’s entrance.

Photo source: vicelab.com

The trapdoor could be opened by pilots if they notice imminent danger arising from a potentially dangerous person. The suspect would fall down into a security cell below where he could be held until the plane reaches the nearest airport safely.

Photo source: vicelab.com

The trap door is one element of a far broader anti-terrorist security system Airbus had in mind. Engineers also thought about placing all sorts of sensors virtually on every seat in the cabin.