September 2017

28 Sep

BAA Training launches a new Ab Initio Flight School website

In the recent years BAA Training Aviation Academy has experienced an impressive growth in all the areas of its activities. Correspondingly, such a great professional leap put forward a demand for a better organization of the information available on the BAA Training website. Thus, Ab Initio Flight School is delighted to announce that it launched a new website devoted exclusively to its activity which is more convenient to navigate and makes it easier for the users to find the relevant information faster. “Keeping in mind that all the future projects are aimed at further development, Ab Initio is set to grow even bigger...

27 Sep

Did You Know that Airbus Patented a Trap Door?

Every year engineers install some new updates or gadgets to ensure passengers safety in new cars. Aviation, as the safest means of transport, constantly innovates too. Airbus, one of the biggest aeroplane manufacturers, patented rather strange aeroplane upgrades for passengers and flight crew safety.

One of the examples is a patent obtained by Airbus in 2002, which involves fitting a freaking trap door in front of the cockpit’s entrance.

25 Sep

BAA Training Graduation Ceremony 2017

BAA Training is happy to provide a top-notch aviation education for young people who have become professional pilots and will contribute to the safer travels all over the world. Enjoy the moments of the graduation celebration of 2017 at Vilnius International Airport....

25 Sep

Is pilots’ motivation really affected by the salary only?

Have you ever tried to figure out the underlying elements framing the concept of a pilot job? Six-figure salaries, limitless horizons above the head, a phenomenal way of the world acquisition are only a few of the most widely known aspects making this job extremely desirable; however, there exist plenty of extra peculiarities the occupation is wrapped up in. Thus, BAA Training held a conversation with several captains to find out their opinion on the widespread rumours concerning pilot shortage, intensifying ‘salary wars’ among airlines, and also know their professional insights regarding the ways an airline can attract a top pilot. This...

25 Sep

Pilots also make mistakes. How to get better prepared for a job interview?

According to the latest data from the largest global aviation recruitment agency more than 540 captains and over 170 first officers’ job ads are submitted at the moment. Most of them belong for Asian and European companies. Although the world is talking about the shortage of pilots, airlines do not want to make any reckless decisions. Companies are investing into more advanced recruitment tools and resources, thus, a job interview is becoming a challenging stage for pilots who are applying for a job. What must be taken into account while hunting for a pilot’s position? Mistakes Pilots Make Head of Recruitment...

25 Sep

Flight safety, discipline and importance of checklists

One of the first and main actions of pilots before a take-off is a checklist procedure, which is the key to why airline travel is the safest form of travel. There are more than 100,000 commercial passenger flights each day and the number is still rising. Nevertheless, flights remain the safest way to travel, because safety is a top priority for all companies and organizations operating in aviation industry. While technology has helped drive improvements in safety record, great strides in safety management systems and insights into human factors have also contributed significantly. Air accident investigations and aircraft safety inspections are now...

11 Sep

BAA Training Presents A Dual Profession Programme

BAA Training, one of the largest aviation training centres in Northern Europe, launches a new training programme in cooperation with Atlantica, a private university with solid reputation in the educational industry in Portugal. The joint programme offers students an opportunity to obtain a Bachelor’s degree in Aeronautical Engineering and acquire Air Transport Pilot Licence (ATPL (A) frozen) simultaneously. The programme will take three and a half years to complete, with some of the courses taken online. Students will spend one and a half years at Atlantica University in Portugal learning Aeronautical Engineering subjects, which will be followed by two years of...