May 2017

17 May

Did You Know That Now Planes Fly More Slowly Than They Did Before?

Have you ever realised that now aeroplanes fly at slower speeds than they used to in 1960s? Specified cruising speeds for commercial airliners today range from 480 and 510 knots, compared to 525 knots for the Boeing 707. Why? The reason of this difference is more effective fuel consumption today. The efficiency of modern aeroplane peaks are at lower speeds because of the fact that engines achieve the same thrust with more air at the lower speed by routing most of the air around the engine’s turbine instead of through it. Information source: MIT School of Engineering...

11 May

Did You Know What the Most Inspirational Airports’ Slogans are?

Aviation is one of the most challenging and at the same time most motivating industry in the world. It is surrounded by lots of interesting stories, myths and inspirational quotes. This time BAA Training selected the most powerful airports slogans. Read it and get inspired! Heathrow Airport Making every journey better. The fastest way. Liverpool John Lennon Airport Above us only sky. Check-in to the difference. London City Airport Get closer. A quicker way to fly. Flying but faster. Leeds Bradford Airport The perfect place to start your journey. We'll take you there. Galway Airport Connecting you. Ireland West Airport Knock We're closer than you think. London International Airport in Canada Start here. Go...