5 Dec

Did you know what signs indicate that you are an #AVGEEK?

Are you reading this?! Seriously? You are on the web page where aviation enthusiasts get together to become professionals in the aviation field! If you are still in doubt whether you are an #AVGEEK or not read the following several facts – they’ll prove that you are in love with aviation:

  • All pictures on your phone are with aircraft engines, tails, wings or a view out of a plane window;
  • You can identify the aircraft type and the airline from the ground;
  • Pro-level: you can identify the aircraft type by the sound;
  • Top Gun is the best film for you;
  • Your dream is to try all types of aircraft;
  • You have reviewed all YouTube videos of the most extreme approaches and landings;
  • You know a perfect place for plane spotting – St. Maarten beach;
  • Your favourite radio station is Live ATC.

Keep calm and be an Aviation geek!