23 Nov

Did You Know What Requirements Are Applied to Flight Attendants?

Many people consider flight attendant’s job to be very exciting, adventurous and exotic. Therefore, there is a list of requirements for the applicants seeking this job that have to be taken into consideration.

Safety consciousness

Cabin Crew training includes first aid, CPR and basic survival techniques such as helping someone in case of a heart attack. These skills are tested yearly to make sure that flight attendants are always on their toes and ready to help.

Appearance is everything

Each airline has its own set of rules determining the ways flight attendants’ appearance should be maintained during flights. For example men are required to have a clean shave every flight because beards are considered to be a breach of the etiquette. Also, Cabin crew members are not allowed to dye their hair green and braid dreadlocks; all tattoos have to be covered and piercings kept to an absolute minimum. If the one is a fan of jewellery, it is important to practice wearing as little as possible.

Team work

Teamwork is one of the most crucial skills that a cabin crew member has to possess. It is essential not only for day to day practices but also in case of emergency. Sometimes being a part of a team literally means being safe.

Strong cultural awareness

Due to the fact that flight attendants interact with people from different countries and with different cultural background, cultural awareness appears to be vitally important. All passengers see, interpret and evaluate things according to their cultural experience. If some patterns of behaviour are acceptable in one culture, it does not necessarily mean that the representatives of a different culture will understand them properly. Flight attendants have to show a high level of competence in order to communicate with passengers appropriately.

Pros outweighing cons

The greatest advantage of this job is the range of the countries the one visits throughout the year. From time to time flight attendants are lucky enough to have an afternoon off in the city before the next flight. What is more, working as a team for a long period of time most probably means that flight attendants make some good friends. And last but not least, working as a flight attendant opens up further career opportunities inside the aviation field: from helping to develop new training programs to mentoring new cabin crew students.