November 2016

25 Nov

How Long Is A Commercial Aircraft Operable?

Every single thing has its own lifespan. Planes are not an exception. This video briefly overviews the reasons of aircraft reaching the cycle limit, the way to measure aircrafts' age, the impact of flights on planes and how long different parts of flying machines serve. Do you know more interesting facts? Share them with us!...

23 Nov

Did You Know What Requirements Are Applied to Flight Attendants?

Many people consider flight attendant’s job to be very exciting, adventurous and exotic. Therefore, there is a list of requirements for the applicants seeking this job that have to be taken into consideration. Safety consciousness Cabin Crew training includes first aid, CPR and basic survival techniques such as helping someone in case of a heart attack. These skills are tested yearly to make sure that flight attendants are always on their toes and ready to help. Appearance is everything Each airline has its own set of rules determining the ways flight attendants’ appearance should be maintained during flights. For example men are required to...

22 Nov

Pilots’ age

How important is the age factor in the pilot’s career one may ask oneself. Two aspects are important at this point. The legal age to start your training and get a pilot’s licence tempts the beginners that dream about a career in aviation. On the other hand, strict age restrictions define when it is a time to finish your pilot's career. Minimum age for acquiring a pilot’s licence There are many thoughts and discussions whether aviation needs the minimum age line to start the training. Could it be only a matter of judgement and maturity but not age? One may claim that...

15 Nov

Did You Know how aircraft de-icing works?

Winter is the time when airports need to pay more attention to safety. As winter arrives, the airport fleet of de-icing trucks drives around the plane spraying de-icing fluid on the wings before the take-off. Do you know how the de-icing liquid on the plane actually works? The main goal of de-icing is to ensure that the aircraft’s critical surface is free from frost, ice, snow and all the frozen contaminants after the procedure. The aircraft critical surface areas include the wings, the tail, the nose, where radar equipment sits, the horizontal stabilizers and the vertical stabilizer. When the aircraft is...

9 Nov

Did You Know About the Secret Engine in the Airplane Tail?

Have you ever noticed a hole in the tail of the commercial jetliners? The hole is hiding a small but at the same time very important aircraft engine! Every airliner has engines on either side; the number of engines in an airplane differs with the size of the plane. For example, the Airbus A320 has two engines while the superjumbo Airbus A380 has four engines, it is important to note that the A380-800 is $305,900,000 more expensive than the A320 not just because of two additional engines, but this is the subject of another article...

2 Nov

Did You Know about “Pepsi Concorde”?

Have you ever heard about the “Pepsi plane”? Therefore, this is not just a plane; it is a supersonic passenger jet airliner – Concorde! In 1996, Pepsi struck a deal with Air France to promote their re-branding and new corporate logo, so an Aérospatiale-BAC Concorde was painted in Pepsi colors as the high point of a massive marketing campaign. It was the most important marketing development in its 100-year history; and apparently the most expensive! Advertising was a part of Pepsi re-branding from red to blue in the late 90s to differentiate itself from Coke. The whole operation was to be undertaken secretly...

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