24 Oct

TOP 5 Reasons Why A Flight Instructor’s Career Is A Good Option

A flight instructor is a person who helps students to make the first steps into the world of aviation. Our instructors say that once you fall in love with aviation it becomes impossible to fall out of it. This passion motivates you to make everyone love this industry as much as you do!

This time we would like to give you top five reasons why a flight instructor’s profession is a good choice:

1. Way to build flight time

The Flight Instructor course is a good choice if a pilot is thinking about a professional pilot career in the future. When a flight instructor is doing the training or trains their students, he is accumulating the flight hours in his logbook. It is a greatest way to gain all the missing experience for further career steps. As a consequence, the main reason why a future pilot chooses to start the career from a flight instructor’s position is the airline’s requirements for pilots as they are required to have a great deal of experience. And certainly, a flight instructor licence gives a real chance to be ahead of other competitors, because of the invaluable experience and skills that a flight instructor acquires.

2. Great learning experience

“While we teach, we learn,” said the Roman philosopher Seneca. It is definitely true in the flight instructor’s work because every day they share the knowledge and experience with students that help them to master the main flying theory and experience. By teaching others you will truly learn to fly like a pro. On the other hand, teaching helps to stay competitive as well as on top of all the changes that have been happening in the industry throughout the years.

3. Shortage of flight instructors

There is a great demand for instructors at the moment and the situation is not predicted to change soon. The recent boom in the aviation industry has created a huge demand for pilots; as a result, the need for flight instructors has increased too. The Boeing and Airbus predict that 617,000 new pilots will be needed by 2035. This figure means that there is currently a need for qualified flight instructors.

4. Respected position

The flight instructor’s profession is respected because they inspire young pilots to reach the sky; they help them to spread the wings for the flight! Try telling people that you are a flight instructor. You will see how much admiration and a number of questions you will receive from them. Another benefit of this profession is a satisfaction with being responsible for another person’s education.

5. Get paid to fly

It’s a chance to do the job you love and get money for flights with students! This profession allows you to live like a pilot. In the countries where the seasonality is very obvious flight instructors are needed all the time. During the flight season they train students to fly in the sky, after the flight season, the training happens on the ground for a few months. It’s a good option because the flight instructor has a guaranteed workplace all the year round.

Requirements for flight instructor’s training

To become a flight instructor you don’t need to have thousands of flight hours! The valid JAA/EASA CPL(A), ATPL(A), or PPL(A) with an adequate medical certificate is all the person must have before the flight instructor’s training can begin.

Keep calm and stay professional!

We hope that this list of TOP 5 reasons is helpful and you will make your personal list of reasons which can motivate you to reach your goals! Our instructors say that this job is very rewarding and challenging! Nevertheless, together with all the benefits that could be derived from this job, a flight instructor’s profession puts a great responsibility on the instructor’s shoulders as their primary duty is to educate and instruct younger generations of pilots.