September 2016

30 Sep

CPL Modular Training Program Students Try To Operate B737 Full Flight Simulator

BAA Training CPL (A) modular students are trying to operate the B737-CL Full Flight Simulator. Cosmin is a second year student seeking to obtain a Commercial Pilot License. This time he tries to apply all the knowledge he has gathered during the studies and the flight simulation games. Another student, Dovydas, begins the ATPL theory course although he has built only 130 flying hours as a private pilot. So, please, don’t judge them harshly, they are just in the beginning of pilot’s career! Feel free to send us your video ideas, but remember that this is not meant for training purposes!...

28 Sep


There are a number of aviation apps – games, weather briefings, flight training, charts or even tracking applications that help you track every flight you make. But when the choice is so big, it’s hard to tell which ones are the best. That’s where we come to help you - here is a list of TOP 5 most helpful apps. 1. MyRadar MyRadar is an easy-to-use, fast and extremely useful application that displays animated weather radar around your current location and allows you to quickly see how fast the storm or rain is coming your way. MyRadar has a standard map zoom in/zoom...

27 Sep

Cadet pilot program as a measure against pilot shortage

Recently the aviation industry has been actively confronting an increasing pilot shortage which is likely to exist in the future as well. The Boeing and Airbus predict that 617,000 new pilots will be needed by 2035. This phenomenon is influenced by several factors like a global aviation growth, the airplane technologies advancement, and massive expansion of low cost /ultra-low-cost airlines across the globe. Also, low oil prices are increasing airline profits at the moment giving the opportunity to enlarge the fleet. Therefore, the airlines are trying to solve the pilot shortage problem by investing in partnership with flight training academies,...

27 Sep

A pilot’s uniform is their business card

Can you already imagine yourself wearing a pilot’s uniform? A pilot is inconceivable without black pants, a white shirt, an epaulet and a cap. A neat and self-confident pilot has already become an icon not only in the movies, but also in the real life. Formal wear is a very important part of the pilot’s job. A pilot’s uniform One of the primary reasons for uniforms is to inspire the public's confidence in this profession. Even if the bush pilot is very experienced – the image is everything to a nervous passenger. A clean-shaven pilot, with well-kept hair, in a sparkling clean...

21 Sep

Did You Know: the funniest questions about a Full Flight Simulator

This week we would like to remind a video on the funniest questions related to Full Flight Simulators to you. BAA Training frequently receives inquiries from people wishing to try a pilot's chair and operate an aircraft on a Full Flight Simulator. With the help of our instructors and engineers, BAA Training has collected a list of the funniest questions received in a Full Flight Simulator during entertaining flights. Have a good time watching the video: ...

21 Sep

Be A Pilot! A Success Story Of The Wizz Air Pilot Julija. Airbus A320

We present you an interview with Julija who is a pilot at Wizz Air. She shares her passion for aviation and the experience she has gained; also, she explains what it means to be a pilot. Would you like to join a professional A320 and A321 pilots’ team at Wizz Air, too? We are extremely grateful to our friends- Vilnius International Airport- who significantly contributed to the process of making this video....

20 Sep

BAA Training starts Wizz Air Cadet Program for future pilots

BAA Training, a European standard aviation training center, starts Wizz Air Cadet Program in October in order to fulfill the growing demand of future pilots in Europe. The five-year agreement will involve up to 150 cadets. The courses will be delivered under EASA regulations for the commercial license. As long as the aviation sector is expected to face a tremendous growth, Wizz Air, the largest low-cost airline in Central and Eastern Europe, expands the spectrum of its cadet programs and chooses BAA Training as a reliable partner that will ensure the needed amount of high-quality pilots in the future. “We are looking...

14 Sep

Did You Know Facts About Airbus A380?

The Airbus A380 is a gigantic commercial passenger aircraft. The plane is so big that it can carry over 800 passengers in its all-economy setup. The manufacturer of the jet airliner intended not only to increase the seating capacity but also to reduce the current aircraft operating costs per passenger. Take a look at some interesting facts about the super jumbo! Widen the runway! Super jumbo is coming! Singapore Airlines were the first to obtain the world's largest commercial passenger aircraft. The first flight, with 450 passengers, was made from Singapore to Sydney. The Sydney Airport authorities spent $128 million to upgrade...

9 Sep

Graduation at BAA Training aviation academy: Class of 2016

The Meet&Greet event took place on September 1st at BAA Training Kaunas base. It gathered both newcomers and those who are continuing their way into aviation to celebrate this important date together and congratulate the graduated students! These bright young people received a Private or Commercial Pilot Licenses! Congratulations to our graduates and good luck for the ones who have just begin their training!...

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