August 2016

31 Aug

Did You Know the Highest Air Traffic Control Tower in the World?

The air traffic control (ATC) tower is a very important preventive measure ensuring safety of runways available at the airport. The air traffic controllers must be able to see the whole runway and every single aircraft which is on it. Basically, ATC responsibilities include not only coordination of aircraft and vehicles operating on the taxiways and runways of the airport itself. Also, they direct movements of aircraft that have already taken off and are near the airport, 5 to 10 nautical miles (9 to 18 km) from the airport (depending on the airport procedures). ATC provide services to all private,...

29 Aug

While Europeans go for a holiday to Vietnam, Vietnamese obtain pilot training in Lithuania

Most Europeans consider going to Vietnam for a holiday whereas Vietnamese tend to come to Europe. Both the former and the latter find the mentioned locations interesting and even exotic from their own point of view. But can you ever guess the reason (other than holiday) why Vietnamese come to Europe? Would you be amazed to hear that this reason is Cadet Training Program for pilots? We had a chance to talk to Phan Anh Nguyen, one of five Vietnamese students that are currently doing their pilot training in Lithuania. We asked him to share his experience of living here as...

29 Aug

Commercial Drones – a New Page in the World of Labour

The rapidly globalizing world is dramatically accelerating the pace of various innovations occurring within all the spheres possible, and drones are not left aside. Before entering the commercial world, UAVs were mainly engaged in the military sector. Most probably particularly this served the reason for the whole issue of drones being faded into a relative obscurity for such a long time. Nevertheless, recently the mystery surrounding drones has been cleared up and they have confidently entered into the phase of their major technological development. Therefore, fundamental changes are reflected not only in new and extraordinary designs available. The way drones are used for...

24 Aug

Did You Know That the White and Orange Strips on Windsocks Are Not for Decoration?

The aviation world seems to continuously surprise us with various strange items serving particular purposes. This time we’ve decided to focus on the socks that are used in aviation. Let’s find out more about this mysterious tool together! To start with, windsocks are usually placed at runways. They consist of a taped cone-shaped sleeve which catches the motion of air and pivots to indicate the direction of wind and its velocity. The cone shape allows the wind to enter the large end and the tapered end points away from the origin of the wind. All the information provided by the windsock is...

18 Aug

TOP 5 Weirdest Airports in the World

No one can deny the fact that in our modern and rapidly changing world airports became as popular as railway stations right after their appearance. Therefore, each day the growing availability of affordable air travel is attracting more and more people to various airports that leave strikingly different impressions! Thus, if you want to find out why is it so, we invite you to start an intriguing journey towards the answer! Let’s explore it together! Denver International Airport, USA At the first glance Denver International Airport, built in 1995, looks just like any other building of this type. It is large, always crowded and...

10 Aug

Did You Know How Important Female Role in Aviation History Is?

Today about 500 women worldwide can proudly admit to being airline captains. Nevertheless, one of 5,623 women that we randomly meet in a street might be a female pilot. It seems that everyone can pursue their dream of becoming a pilot despite their gender; however, the history of women who sacrificed their lives or gave up everything to become airline professionals highlights that a path for women to enter aviation world was not that easy. There was a time when women had to fight for their rights to get involved into aviation issues, but afterwards they proved that a lady can...

4 Aug

Did You Know What Follows the First Solo Flight?

The first solo flight is not only a very responsible step in the whole pilot‘s career but also a very bright moment of life which will stay imprinted on the pilot’s mind forever. Newbie pilots, as well as students after school graduation, are extremely eager to hear nice congratulations that would lead them throughout their whole career; however, the way they receive them seems to be anything but perfect. Traditions following the first soloing have truly deep roots. Let’s see, why they are that special! To wear or not to wear a favorite shirt when going for the first solo flight? It is...

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