4 Jul

Did You Know How Frequently Certain Types of Planes Take Off And Land?

There’s no denying that when we see the frequent trails of planes somewhere high above our head, we automatically start thinking about them. We observe this ‘higher world’ as we lie on the beach, when we sit in an open-air cafe, we can’t help but count the endless number of ‘metal birds’ crossing the sky…

…someone might ask oneself: which type of aircraft does perform landings and takeoffs the most? Is it Airbus, Boeing, or maybe Bombardier? To save you from having to bother with conducting your own research, we would like to provide you an answer to this intriguing question!

What can you do in 25 seconds? Get out of bed or turn on the PC… However, in the aviation world every single moment counts! Just imagine, every day, every 25 seconds throughout the whole year Embraer regional jets take off or land somewhere in the world.

Next, if you consider 25 seconds to mean nothing, what would you say about 10 seconds? Every time after you unlock your smartphone, a CRJ Series aircraft perform takeoff or landing somewhere!

Although all this data seems to be impossible to comprehend, this is not the end of surprises. Each day, every 8 seconds an ATR turboprop takes off or lands somewhere around the world. Incredible!

Get ready! A Bombardier aircraft leaves or reaches the ground every 3 seconds!

And finally! It might seem unbelievable; that but, almost in the blink of an eye, every 2.5 seconds, a Boeing or Airbus aircraft begins or ends their journeys. How incredible is that?

We hope that you can appreciate what one second means for those who work in the field of aviation.