21 Jun

Did You Know About Future Plane Without Windows?

The plane without windows does not exist yet but it may become a reality in less than a period of ten years. If you are one of the passengers who like to look out the windows when fly, don’t worry! This airplane’s windows would be replaced by full-length smart screens which will allow people to see outside whenever they wish.

The airplane without windows conception was made by the north-east company Centre for Process Innovation (CPI), which helps enterprises to take products, processes and technologies from concept through to the market. Are you interested how does this incredible plane look like? Take a look at CPI video:

Two years ago, the Airbus has floated the idea of an airplane without windows in its 2050 future designs. Let’s look at the video to figure out how the conception of the future plane looks like:

The creators plan to show how large, hi-definition, ultra-thin and lightweight displays could form the inside of the fuselage, displaying images of outside from cameras mounted on the plane’s exterior.