13 Jun

Did You Know What People Can Do From an Old Airplane?

If you think that an old airplane’s place is in the scrap you are wrong. A lot of grounded airplanes begin a new stage of life on the ground. “Senior” airplanes become a shelter for tourist, a museum for aviation fans, a restaurant for a hungry people or the playground for children in this new career stage. This article announces 10 the most creative ways to use an old airplane.

Creatively recycled Boeing 747 airplane

The Wing House was made by using a million pieces of Boeing 747 materials. The architects used wings, a fuselage, and a cockpit to build not only the main house but also guest quarters, a meditation pavilion, a barn and an art studio. This old aircraft’s utilization is a wonderful example for other aviation lovers and architects, how useful an unnecessary aircraft can be.

Amazing Costa Rican hotel made from Boeing 727

This is the amazing hotel with a wonderful view through the window and extraordinary interior in Costa Rica. If you are in love with Boeing 727 it is the perfect place for you. This incredible hotel suite has been set inside a 1965 Boeing 727 airplane. The vintage plane have two bedrooms, TV area, small kitchen, dining area, bath and a wing balcony with wondrous view of the ocean. You can find a wooden deck from which you can admire the wonders of the tropical forest surroundings on the top of the plane’s right wing.

Oregon man lives inside 727 airplane in the middle of the woods

Oregonian Bruce Campbell converted an old Boeing 727-200 into a home inspired by his passion for the aircraft. The man adapted aircraft equipment for his daily life routine. The cockpit became a perfect reading room and Bruce left much of the original instrumentation and controls intact. He made changes to several elements, for example, installed a computer monitor right in the middle of the instrument panel. The plane has an original bathroom with an upgrade – shower.

Ilyushin Il-18 hotel in Teuge airport, Netherlands

This old Ilyushin Il-18 plane turned into a luxury five stars hotel. The plane-hotel has its own sauna, hot tub and three flat screen TVs. Guests can book their stay on board the lavish 40-metre long aircraft with prices starting from around £300 per night.

Turkey sinks an old Airbus jet to boost diving tourism

Turkish authorities made an unbelievable thing with Airbus 300 jet. They dive the plane in the Aegean Sea. This idea has a big task to boost diving tourism in the region. The sunken giant plane with a wingspan of 44 meters (144 feet) and a length of 54 meters (177 feet) is like magnet for underwater flora and fauna. This place is hugely popular with experienced divers as a consequence.

A Douglas DC-3 as a café in Mangaweka, New Zealand

The Douglas DC-3 has a long history of life. It was made in 1945 and has been operated by the Royal New Zealand Air Force until 1981. It has accumulated 42764 hours on log book during its work. It was renovated in 1986 and is still standing at the same place after more than 26 years.

The Concorde is the pride of museums

It has been 13 years since a British Airways’ Concorde made its last commercial flight. Some of Concorde have found a new home and became air and war museum. If you desire to see and touch the Concorde, you can meet it in some museums like:

  • The Fleet Air Arm Museum in Yeovilton, Somerset
  • Imperial War Museum, Duxford, Cambridgeshire
  • Brooklands Museum, Weybridge, Surrey
  • Manchester Airport
  • Museum of Flight, East Lothian, Scotland
  • Heathrow Airport, London
  • Intrepid Sea-Air-Space Museum, New York, USA
  • Grantley Adams International Airport, Barbados
  • Museum of Flight, Seattle, USA

Old Yak-42 airplane turned into a kindergarten classroom

The kindergarten at Georgia created the perfect classroom for children. It transformed the old Yak-42 into a place for kids to play and learn with desks and educational toys. The plane’s cockpit has been left so children can have a chance to be pilots in their illusions.

Boeing 302 plane as a boat- Cosmic Muffin

The new career of Boeing 302 started as a boat for tourist. It seems a little bit embarrassing, when a real plane which actually flew like a war machine is now a little boat. However, the Boeing 302 has the magnificent history. It was owned by Howard Hughes as one of the first executive planes. The Stratoliner was damaged in 1964 by a hurricane. A new owner tracked the plane body to Fort Lauderdale where he launched the Plane Boat in 1974. The fully restored and functional boat reached over 20 knots and was controlled from the main cockpit using the original flight controls.

Plane as a lamp

We’ve seen old airplanes recycled into hotels, homes, and restaurants, but Paul Coudamy is taking things piece by piece with his incredible F-light. The designer has transformed the walls of an old Airbus A300 into a luminous hanging lamp that is sure to embellish any office.