7 Jun

The Most Stylish Cabin Crews!

No one can deny that flight attendants are the face of an airline. It is hard to resist not watching cabin crew walking at the airport because of their presentable appearance. Flight attendants always need to look elegant, enchanting and without fatigue no matter what is their route or how long it takes. The perfect hairstyle, stunning make-up, not noisy high heels and of course unforgettable uniform are things people pay attention to.

Let’s take a look at the most fascinating and graceful flight attendants’ uniforms bedecking our sky.

Air France

Air France will make your flight unforgettable because of the flight attendants they have. The elegant and graceful uniform is designed by French designer Christian Lacroix and composes you to feel like in heaven.


JetBlue cooperated with designers Stan Herman and Michael Schwarzand for the supply of airline’s first pattern for the cabin crew in 2014. The uniform has some retro touches but remains modern, dark blue and bright orange style.

Malaysian Airlines

The Sarong Kebaya’s (traditional robe) design was elected to be Malaysian Airlines air hostess uniform. Though, the three-quarter length sleeves are the main disparity between traditional clothes and cabin crew uniform.


The Australian Airlines incorporated Yves Saint Laurent as well as Gucci and redesigned cabin crew’s uniform. One can recognize an airline hostess’ outfit from French navy features and thrilling and splashy hues with an airlines signature colors.

British Airways

The British Airways’ uniform show confidence, duty and allurement. The stylishly attire was created with the help of Julian Mac Donald, Givenchy and Channel designers.


Lufthansa airlines are well-known for their friendly flight attendants and excellent service approach. The scarves and hats are made from the magnificent quality silk making the German carrier’s cabin crew elegant and confident!

Etihad Airways

The attention is always being caught when the airline launches its uniform. When the uniforms are being launched by Etihad – it is stunning! The suits were made by Ettore Bilotta and the first collection was broadcasted live from Milan in 2014. Female crew has a chocolate-brown skirt, gloves, a gorgeous scarf, and a hat which composes Etihad’s cabin crew appear stunning.


Stylists did a wonderful job making Aeroflot’s uniform, even though, Russians are not known for being the most famous in the fashion industry. Fruity red color, stylish neck tie and crispy caps catch the eye likewise ensuring the pleasant flight.


The Emirates, one of the most well-known airlines, has the most recognizable uniform. Simon Jersey made the main trademarks for the image- natty manicure and red lipstick which is suitable with the red hat.