June 2016

28 Jun

Did You Know What Happens When the Plane Reaches Its Retirement Age?

There are about 50 000 airplanes in the world and demand is still growing. While one airplane is getting old the other is being constructed due to the need of more economical and ecological technologies. But did you know what happens to an aircraft when an airline doesn’t need it anymore? It may seem that most of the planes are being recycled but it is the last thing to do to an old aircraft. You should know that there are a few more steps and some of them will take your breath away. Graveyards Even though a plane has its value at the...

23 Jun

TOP 15 Terms To Know Before Your Initial Pilot Training Course

We know…you have been spending a few hours every day reading various flight training academies’ websites and trying to figure out what exactly are they all trying to say with those abbreviations, acronyms, terms and phrases. In order to make you feel that there are people out there who truly want to help you understand every detail of initial pilot training, we have made a list of fifteen abbreviations and phrases. The reason you need to know them is that it will help you understand which pilot license course you truly want to pursue, what ratings you need to acquire,...

23 Jun

BAA Training opened Fall 2016 admissions

The global aviation training provider, BAA Training is announcing the opening of the admissions for the applicants who wish to begin various pilot training courses in the Fall of 2016. Starting September 1st applicants can begin ATPL Integrated, CPL (A) Modular, PPL (A) and PPL (H) courses for pilot license training. Additionally, there are Bachelor degree programs for Engineering Science in Aviation Transport and pilot license as well as Aviation Management and pilot license studies. Currently BAA Training’s Ab Initio School has over a hundred students who come from four different continents to acquire EASA pilot licenses or gain Bachelor degrees....

21 Jun

Did You Know About Future Plane Without Windows?

The plane without windows does not exist yet but it may become a reality in less than a period of ten years. If you are one of the passengers who like to look out the windows when fly, don’t worry! This airplane’s windows would be replaced by full-length smart screens which will allow people to see outside whenever they wish. The airplane without windows conception was made by the north-east company Centre for Process Innovation (CPI), which helps enterprises to take products, processes and technologies from concept through to the market. Are you interested how does this incredible plane look like?...

13 Jun

Did You Know What People Can Do From an Old Airplane?

If you think that an old airplane’s place is in the scrap you are wrong. A lot of grounded airplanes begin a new stage of life on the ground. “Senior” airplanes become a shelter for tourist, a museum for aviation fans, a restaurant for a hungry people or the playground for children in this new career stage. This article announces 10 the most creative ways to use an old airplane. Creatively recycled Boeing 747 airplane The Wing House was made by using a million pieces of Boeing 747 materials. The architects used wings, a fuselage, and a cockpit to build not only...

9 Jun

Airshow recap: aircraft, helicopter flyovers and pilot training

Airshows are always great experience. It allows us to introduce public with an aviation concept, pilot training for airplanes and helicopters, other flying objects and up and coming technology. It is also a fun time for our student-pilots who get a chance to meet fellow aviation enthusiasts, get to see a variety of other aircraft, and can also tell their stories to people who don’t know that much about aviation at all. So take a look at the airshow recap that we took part in a few weeks ago....

7 Jun

The Most Stylish Cabin Crews!

No one can deny that flight attendants are the face of an airline. It is hard to resist not watching cabin crew walking at the airport because of their presentable appearance. Flight attendants always need to look elegant, enchanting and without fatigue no matter what is their route or how long it takes. The perfect hairstyle, stunning make-up, not noisy high heels and of course unforgettable uniform are things people pay attention to. Let’s take a look at the most fascinating and graceful flight attendants’ uniforms bedecking our sky. Air France Air France will make your flight unforgettable because of the flight attendants...

7 Jun

BAA Training – accepted supplier for Vietnam Airlines

The global aviation training provider BAA Training has received an official Supplier Acceptance Certificate from Vietnam Airlines. The certificate empowers BAA Training to operate as an Accepted Flight Training Organization by providing airplane training for Private Pilot License, Instrument Rating, Commercial Pilot License, and Airlines Transport Pilot License courses. This Supplier Acceptance Certificate will provide BAA Training an opportunity to train Vietnam Airlines’ recruited and selected cadets for any of the four training courses. As majority of pilots in Vietnam are trained by FAA or Australian standards it is only now that Vietnam began to focus on pilot training diversification. After...

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