30 May

The Most Expensive Flight

Everyone has dreamed about luxury flight experience for at least once. Extraordinary cabin design, superior service and any other benefits the one can imagine. The question is how to get this fascinating flight experience? The Etihad Airways has the most luxurious route from Mumbai to New York via Abu Dhabi with the seat in a fancy suite!

The 125-square feet cabin which includes a living room, a bedroom and a bathroom is called the Residence. Payment of $38000 is required for one-way flight for this extraordinary chance!

You may ask what is so special about it and why do you need to pay a fortune? The glass of champagne is the first thing you get on this flight. The cabin includes a butler who serves a meal as well as a chief who cooks anything you desire during your flight and of course a comfortable double bed!

You might take a secret look into the Residence

You can take a seat on a precious leather coach and watch 32 inch flat-screen television in the living room.

Guests are permitted to customize their in-flight dining menu and dietary demand before traveling. The meal is served on a luxurious 24-carat gold plated porcelain tableware.

The bathroom with a full-height shower, the private pan and other bathroom conveniences are additional advantages for the flight.

You can also enjoy your time watching movies on a 27 inches TV monitor in a cozy double bed in the bedroom.

What is more, the ticket includes private check-in and entrance to the lounge, extravagant shuttling to and from the airport and a personal attendant who can help you to make your travel unforgettable.

The Residence is only available on Etihad Airways’ largest passenger airplane Airbus A380, with 496 seats in it. The saddest thing is that only about 1% of air passengers can afford the flight like this…