10 May

The first UAV/UAS pilot training student graduates at BAA Training

Aviation training academy BAA Training congratulates its first student of UAV/UAS pilot training program who has successfully graduated the academy. The student received a special BAA Training Remote Operator Certificate (ROC), which indicates he is able to safely operate unmanned aircraft up to 25 kg within and beyond the Visual Line of Site.

Maksimas Sobolevas decided to become a professional UAVs operator before the certification rules will be issued in Lithuania and the rest of the Europe. Therefore, he chose BAA Training as a trustworthy aviation training school assisting him to fulfill this ambition. “As UAV industry is constantly growing bigger and drone operations have a great potential in different fields, this UAV pilot training course is a smart step when trying to establish yourself in this market”, he comments.

He started the training on February 6th. Theoretical training part took place on the four Saturdays of February and included 34 hours of General aviation and aircraft knowledge, Air law, Navigation, Meteorology, Human factors, Communication and UAV operation procedures.

After Maksimas successfully passed school exams, ground training was followed by the practical training part, which was conducted at BAA Training’s flight training base in Kaunas (S. Darius and S. Girenas aerodrome). Practical training consisted of 40 hours of flight training with a flight instructor, including flights on flight simulator (FS) and real flight operations with rotor-wing unmanned aircraft.

“The ground training part was essential with many interesting and obligatory knowledge for those who strive to become professional UAV operators. In my opinion, most of the hazardous situations related to drone piloting occur due to the lack of such knowledge. Meanwhile, the flight operations’ training was focused on applying the acquired theoretical knowledge in practice. It allowed me to notice my strengths and weakness – things I still need to improve”, shares the insights Maksimas.

Ab Initio Director at BAA Training, Indre Sveistryte, notes “We launched UAV/UAS pilot training program last autumn, and finally we begin counting its graduates starting with Maksimas. We are set to prepare more and more qualified UAV pilots who would fill in the shortage of professional operators in the emerging drones market.”

After successfully completed first training course, BAA Training is already preparing for the next UAV/UAS Pilot training group, which will start in August.