May 2016

30 May

The Most Expensive Flight

Everyone has dreamed about luxury flight experience for at least once. Extraordinary cabin design, superior service and any other benefits the one can imagine. The question is how to get this fascinating flight experience? The Etihad Airways has the most luxurious route from Mumbai to New York via Abu Dhabi with the seat in a fancy suite! The 125-square feet cabin which includes a living room, a bedroom and a bathroom is called the Residence. Payment of $38000 is required for one-way flight for this extraordinary chance! You may ask what is so special about it and why do you need to...

26 May

Airspeak. Do you know the etiquette?

While writing so many articles we have focused on piloting skills: its building, improvement, sustainability, expansion and many more things. But we have rarely ever written about the pilot communication, its importance for safety and how young student-pilots go about learning the correct form of communication between other pilots and Air Traffic Control. What is Airspeak? According to Tom McArthur who released Concise Oxford Companion to the English Language, Airspeak is a restricted language which establishment was initiated by International Civil Aviation Authority in the aftermath of the Second World War. Airspeak was developed to make communication between pilots and air traffic...

25 May

Did You Know How Fast You Can Fly from London to New York City?

Are you tired of lengthy long-haul flight from New York to London with passenger jet? The British Airways made the flight faster than ever for the second time in history! Boeing 777-200 accomplishes the New York-London rout in five hours and 16 minutes. Aircraft reaches ground speed of up to 1200 km/h (745 mph) during the flight, riding a powerful jet stream of up to 322 km/h (200 mph) tailwinds. The first flight by Boeing 777-200 (flight number BA114) landed an hour and a half before the schedule, according to the tracking website (Flight Aware). Only the now-retired Concorde beat Flight’s BA114 New...

12 May

Why is it important to get a proper UAV pilot training?

Previously we have introduced you to the different types of drones and their characteristics. Now let’s talk about mastering of UAV piloting. What skills and knowledge are necessary to call yourself a professional UAV operator? And why is it important to get a proper UAV pilot training? BAA Training aviation academy’s representative Barbora will give you the answers to these and many more questions on the video. Check it out!...

10 May

The first UAV/UAS pilot training student graduates at BAA Training

Aviation training academy BAA Training congratulates its first student of UAV/UAS pilot training program who has successfully graduated the academy. The student received a special BAA Training Remote Operator Certificate (ROC), which indicates he is able to safely operate unmanned aircraft up to 25 kg within and beyond the Visual Line of Site. Maksimas Sobolevas decided to become a professional UAVs operator before the certification rules will be issued in Lithuania and the rest of the Europe. Therefore, he chose BAA Training as a trustworthy aviation training school assisting him to fulfill this ambition. “As UAV industry is constantly growing bigger...

9 May

How much did you know about Concorde?

The Concorde has been one of the supersonic passenger jet airliners in service since 1976 up to 2003. After Tupolev TU-144 was grounded in 1983, the Concorde remained the only commercial supersonic passenger jet. Concorde has been developed in collaboration between British Aircraft Corporation and Aerospatiale. The first model was presented in 1969 but its official flight was performed only in 1976. 20 aircraft were made during the time and only 14 of them were used in airline industry. The low number of such planes was produced due to its high price as the plane cost £23 million in 1977, which is...

6 May

Turbulence: what pilot should know?

As a pilot You have to know a lot of tricks of nature, which may surprise. Especially, when we are talking about air! Air is the reason for pilots to take off, steer the plane, and do their job properly. But air can also be wayward. What to expect when flying the plane? What is turbulence? What are types of turbulence? What causes turbulence? BAA Training representor Eglė answer to all these questions in the submitted video....

4 May

14.200km or 17 hours in the sky

Sitting in one place and being up in the sky for 17 hours and 15 minutes might sound a little bit crazy. Isn’t it? The longest commercial flight by distance starts at Dubai International airport and touches the ground at Auckland, New Zealand. It is called the longest because the plane needs to take 14.200km to reach its destination. The first flight was conducted on 2nd March 2016 by Emirates using Airbus A380. However, the main aircraft for this route is Boeing 777-200LR. It would cost you about $1539 to get on a daily flight on this route. However, this flight might be...

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