22 Feb

Aviate, navigate, communicate…manage

Aviation industry keeps developing and every pilot training centre must offer the new education solutions for those wishing to become commercial pilots. Lately, dual study programs and professions have increased in popularity from demand and supply side. Flight training schools are offering students opportunities to match flight training courses with the Bachelor degree studies in order to prepare individuals who later on become professionals in their field of studies and occupation. This article will provide voluminous information about the possibilities that come from the joint Aviation Management and pilot license study program.

What is best for you?

So first up we need to start from you picking the studies program that suits your personality, interests, yet doesn’t limit you in choosing the future occupation. When picking the pilot license studies, you have a very clear image in your mind, that one or the other way, you will be flying either fixed or rotary wing aircraft. But what if you want to go with the studies program where you gain Bachelor’s degree and the pilot license? What can you do with Aviation Management degree and where can it take you in this world is what we will be analyzing right now.

Why Aviation Management?

We spoke to one of KSU Aviation Management lectors, Tony Palmer who gave a very clear and simple course explanation. “The Aviation Management course provides a breath of knowledge covering aviation general management areas, giving trainee pilots an insight into the vital position flight crew play in an airline and an understanding of the way that airlines plan and operate. Pilot recruitment possibilities have fluctuated for many years and a broad education serves two purposes – firstly to make candidates stand out during recruitment and secondly to broaden aspirations into general management areas.” So here you have it, a handful of options to use your precious Bachelor’s degree, but the key is to never limit yourself, because your goal in this life is to grow, learn and be better, right? That is the reason why we dug even deeper and looked for the particular occupations that you could excel in quickly and successfully.

Dig deeper into aviation

“If students take non-flying jobs, e.g. whilst waiting for pilot vacancies, an Aviation Management course provides an insight and basic education for roles in airline planning and operations e.g. Crew Planners, Operations Schedulers or Flight Dispatchers. Additionally the skills used in aviation are similar to those used in other transport and logistics fields including Road, Rail, Maritime and Mixed Mode Logistics,” continued the above mentioned Tony Palmer. So let’s take apart each one of these occupations.

Crew Planner or Crewing Controller

This occupation requires employees to produce and supervise the crew rosters minimizing the costs by utilizing the crews as efficiently as possible. The planners are in charge of the advanced training planning, appropriate crew data management and ensuring that there are sufficient amount of crew in each location while working according to all the regulations and restrictions. Feels like a challenge? Well it is, but could be very rewarding, especially if you are interested in working with people and human resources.

Air Safety Investigator

This occupation is a bit advanced and requires the person to carry out safety investigations of incidents and near misses. The representative of this position must have a reactive and proactive mentality for Safety/Risk Management, develop and implement corporate safety standards, as well as contribute to the continuous Safety and Security improvement. That gives you plenty of responsibility? Are you ready for a challenge?

Operations Schedulers

This position is for a strong manager who is able to do administrative work and prepare travel plans second to second. This position is available at a number of companies, starting with airline, private charter companies, ground handling companies, and even large corporations where executives need personal travel planner every day.

Airline Operations Management

Airline Operations Managers are essentially the heads of the AOC (Airline Operations Control) office and must have the knowledge of the airline management and how their part fits in the whole airline operation. The Airline Operations Manager must study the workflow and processes of the commercial aviation dispatching, regulations and languages applicable to AOC office. It’s a demanding yet rewarding occupation, where every day is different. Are you ready to live your life to the fullest?

Flight Dispatcher

Flight Dispatchers are like the airline’s brain on the ground while the pilot does his job in the air. Flight Dispatchers does the entire planning of the flight along with all the alternate routes and fuel calculations. A significant amount of attention is placed on the meteorology because Flight Dispatcher’s job is to compose such route which would cause the least distraction, experience the least amount of weather impacted fuel waste and reach its destination on time, and most importantly, safely. Can you imagine the importance of this position?

Cargo Services Agent

Cargo or Freight agents are the key person in large shipment deliveries, beginning with the planning and logistics of the pickup, documentation, fees, tariffs, taxes, customs, bills of lading, invoices and ending with the timely cargo delivery. Cargo agents must be able to advice customers on the best shipment options, pricing, and documentation in order to offer the best customer service. Are you ready to make people happy and deliver their packages on time?

The world is waiting for you

We certainly hope that this brief overview of at least a few professions has given you food for thought about the future, or even entrepreneurial ideas for the beginning of your own business. Always remember that you are never limited to one thing, and that your education and your experience can apply in a number of fields and occupations, all you have to do is look for it. Go on, conquer the world.