21 Dec

TOP 10 Aircraft In Christmas Livery

Over the Christmas time, many airlines, like all of us, are excited to share and spread the Holiday spirit. The idea of decorating aircraft with Christmas themed livery seems to be an entertaining way to do it. You will agree that it is much more fun to take your holiday flight in a festively dressed aircraft rather than an ordinary one. Let’s take a look and admire the top 10 pictures of aircraft in the Christmas livery!

1. Being an official airline of Santa Claus, Finnair puts a reminder of that on its Airbus A321.

Source: flickr.com

2. Air Berlin is already known for its Christmas liveries. For several years Air Berlin paints its aircraft with a special “Flying home for Christmas” theme.

Source: allplane.tv

3. The latest edition of #FlyingHomeForChristmas series. The special design for the Airbus A320 aircraft was created in collaboration with Swiss chocolatier, Lindt.

Source: etbtravelnews.com

4. “Merry Christmas” from Thomson Airways on Boeing 737-800.

Source: airlinereporter.com

5. “Unpack me” says this Ryanair’s Boeing 737-200 with a nice big red bow around and Santa on the tail.

Source: airteamimages.com

6. What’s that? Isn’t that Santa in the front? One more Christmas themed Boeing 737-200 of Ryanair.

Source: airteamimages.com

7. A “Happy Christmas” edition from British Airways in 1994.

Source: airliners.net

8. Compass Airlines put Santa’s hat on this McDonnell Douglas DC-9-82 in 1993. Such sophisticated Christmas style!

Source: fnqskies.blogspot.lt

9. Finnair’s season greetings on McDonnell Douglas MD-11 in 2007.

Source: airliners.net

10. This is a cute Air Ontario Dash-8 dressed up as a reindeer.

Hope these pictures get you into the Christmas spirit with a little bit taste of aviation. Happy Holidays!

Sources: airliners.net, airteamimages.com, airlinereporter.com, etbtravelnews.com, flightradar24.com.