November 2015

30 Nov

BAA Training established a scholarship for the outstanding student

BAA Training, the aviation training centre based in Vilnius (Lithuania), is proudly announcing the student-pilot scholarship establishment. The scholarship is aimed to provide assistance to the most devoted and academically outstanding student. Only the students of ATPL Integrated group will be eligible for the scholarship. Today’s market circumstance that has developed in aviation industry dictates the rules where student-pilots now have to cover their own tuition. That being said, over the years of working with various airlines, BAA Training has arrived to the mutual agreement that a lot of times those students, who are highly motivated and have the right skills...

25 Nov

BAA Training signed Cadet Training contract

On October 22nd BAA Training located in Lithuania has signed Ab initio Cadet Training partnership agreement with BayViet Aviation Academy from Vietnam. According to the recently inked contract, a group of Cadets will be traveling to Lithuania as early as spring of 2016 for flight training. “Throughout the years of operation in pilot training, we have realized that regulations which academy operates under play the key role in the quality of graduates’ professionalism and preparation for the airline job. We also have well defined aim to provide the Vietnam carriers with skilled and well prepared pilots, and EASA pilot license is...

23 Nov

Two Professions: Which Road to Pick?

Over the past couple of years BAA Training has worked on developing joint studies programs that involve two professions. This has been a recent trend in the industry as having a dual occupation gives future professionals an edge in the marketplace. One of the programs that BAA Training has recently developed along with Transport and Telecommunications Institute (TSI) in Latvia is Bachelor’s of Engineering Science in Aviation Transport and Commercial Pilot License studies. When you read the name of the program, it might become confusing as of what kind of jobs hide behind the name of the studies program. To...

23 Nov

UAV Types: How to Choose Yours?

For awhile now drones have been in a spotlight when talking about the nearest future innovations. No wonder why, when there are so many different possibilities of their application. Starting from aerial surveillance and inspection operations or acrobatic aerial footage in filmmaking, UAVs are also used in such unexpected applications as wildlife counting, fishing, hurricane hunting or even for chasing down criminals. Looking to the future, it is probably only a small part of where they could be used in practice. So if you are interested in those little flying machines and hoping to engage in this industry as operator, you...

19 Nov

Meet DRONES: Quadcopters demo flights

BAA Training starts the series of videos presenting you drones and all that concerns UAV pilot training. In this first video we are inviting you to have a look at quadcopters - unmanned aerial vehicle, which lift is generated by four rotors. We asked our colleagues from Laserpas to tell more about this kind of drones and to demonstrate, how these devices are operated. So please meet DJI Phantom 3 Professional and “do-it-yourself” quadcopter, based on DJI propulsion system!...

13 Nov

GroundSpeed vs. AirSpeed

Dear friends this week we are back with our series of videos explaining aviation elements in the simplest way. This week following your request we will try to explain what is the difference between GroundSpeed and Airspeed. Hope you will find this video useful! Please feel free to ask questions and write your suggestions in a comment area below!...

3 Nov

BAA Training starts to provide training for UAV/UAS operators

BAA Training, European standard aviation training center, is adding one more business line to its wide service pool. Since this autumn, UAV/UAS pilot training is now available at BAA Training. The company is set to prepare the professional UAV/UAS operators, who would be fully qualified to work in the commercial drones market as operators or similar UAV’s specialists. “The unmanned aircraft market is currently one of the most promising and rapidly growing markets in the world. Its quick expansion poses a serious demand for the professionals who would be capable of safely operating all types of drones. Being the aviation training...

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