31 Jul

Baltic Aviation Academy graduating a group of Ab Initio students

On July 29th a group of Baltic Aviation Academy’s ATPL Integrated and CPL Modular students has graduated and received their ATPL Frozen (CPL(A)/IR/ME + ATPL theory) licenses. Seven students moved to Baltic Aviation Academy’s training base in Lithuania for pilot training from Tajikistan, Kazakhstan, Russia, Ukraine, and Lithuania. They have spent past two to three years working towards their first pilot milestone.

To mark the successful finish of their studies, Baltic Aviation Academy hosted the ceremony at an iconic S. Darius and S. Girenas aerodrome in Kaunas which just accommodated the Centenary Airshow. Inside the decorated hangar, which became so familiar and appreciated over the studies period, graduating students were congratulated by their training managers, instructors, parents and fellow students. Future pilots were awarded with their licenses, and had a chance to thank their parents, training staff, instructors and friends who stayed by their side throughout the years of training. Formal part of the ceremony was followed by the refreshments, conversations and most importantly, taking photos all together to memorize this moment.

“Each one of them came from different backgrounds and cultures, but all got united by their dream and desire to conquer the skies. Today we are joyful that their first step is now completed, and we can certainly say, that each one of them are well prepared to continue the journey towards their dream,” comments Agata Pradedovic, Head of Product Development Division.

Currently, Baltic Aviation Academy’s Ab Initio School has over a hundred students who are enrolled in private pilot license, commercial pilot license, airline transport pilot license, aviation management and pilot license courses. Starting in the Fall of 2015, Ab Initio will be beginning two new courses: private helicopter pilot license and Engineering Science in Aviation Transport and Pilot License Studies.