29 Jun

Baltic Aviation Academy’s students get jobs at partner airlines

An ultimate provider of aviation training solutions, Baltic Aviation Academy continues developing aviation personnel solutions on both corporate and private levels. As the aviation personnel shortage takes the frightening positions in the market, the training centre focuses on the development of partnerships enabling to gradually decrease the shortage. The solution to achieve it is to provide airlines with qualified personnel and former students with employment.

Through the years of providing training services, aviation centre gathered a wide pool of partners and clients, which mostly consist of legacy, low cost or startup airlines. The companies which are not only in the need of various aviation training, but also lack qualified personnel that is able to adapt to the specific business culture that each airline exercise.

“Combining training packages with full customer service allows providing clients with the wholesome solutions. However we understand that being a responsible training provider it is not enough just to provide training. Nevertheless, it is important for us that our students would be able to adapt their skills in the job market. And there is no secret that sometimes fresh aviation professionals get into a vicious circle – when nobody hires inexperienced personnel, not giving a chance to gain that experience. On the other hand, market struggles with the rising pilot shortage problem. And this is why we feel an obligation to be a conduit connecting these two interest groups”, comments Dainius Meilunas Business Development Director at Baltic Aviation Academy.

In the past year Baltic Aviation Academy’s former students, both pilots and flight attendants have been successfully employed by a number of companies. By closely working with well known airlines, and newly established companies Baltic Aviation Academy has been able to help students get jobs and clients to fill the open positions with qualified professionals.

“The latest example is Air Horizont, the startup Maltese airline. Starting with the pilot training for the airline crew, Baltic Aviation Academy proved to be a provider of the full training services. The fact, that airline approached us for additional personnel, trusting with the assessment procedures just proves the necessity of such partnerships. And we are honored to be chosen by the starting company where the smooth beginning of the operations is vital”, comments Dainius Meilunas Business Development Director at Baltic Aviation Academy.

“We appreciate Baltic Aviation Academy for its high professionalism and service. For a start-up airline it is important to have this type of partner. Baltic Aviation Academy proposed solutions for all our needs in a very short time, foreseeing all the details, and reducing our workload. This kind of service allows you to see the provider as an ally”, comments Manuel Salhi CEO at Air Horizont.