16 Jun

Summer is the best for touching the sky

With the beginning of the summer, Baltic Aviation Academy continues spreading the joy of aviation to the industry enthusiasts, newcomers and those who have never had any interest in aviation. Training centre invites to the traditional Open Door Day which is going to take place on June 20th at S. Darius and S. Girenas Aerodrome in Kaunas, Lithuania.

Every Open Door Day is an opportunity to visit the aerodrome, tour the flight training base, see the hangar and look at the aircraft that is being used for the flight training from up close. During the Open Door Day flight training never stops, therefore, every visitor has a chance to be a part of the busy day filled with briefings, take-offs, landings and training debriefing.

Every Baltic Aviation Academy’s guest that comes to an Open Door Day gets to be a part of the comprehensive presentation about the pilot career, the responsibilities it entails, the requirements that each candidate must meets and of course, about the available courses and license types. The part that is enjoyed the most are the discussions, games that challenges the knowledge about aviation, and of course, quizzes that helps participants win the victory flights in Tecnam 2002 or Tecnam 2006 flight training aircraft along with the instructor.

Event will take place on June 20th, 2015 at S. Darius and S. Girenas Aerodrome in Kaunas, Lithuania. Please pay attention that we have a new location within the aerodrome: Technopolis, Europos pr. 121, Kaunas.

For everyone who is planning to participate, organizers would like to register by using the link below. Link also provides information about the event as well as the map location for the event start: http://www.baatraining.com/open-door-day/