17 Dec

Top 10 Airlines Holiday Commercials

This Holiday Season we would like to get you into the festive mood with our Top 10 airlines commercials which are inspired by a warm feeling of Christmas. Some of these commercials tend to be funny, others – lovely, or include social act, but we have no doubts that all these commercials are entertaining and full of Holiday joy and spirit. So enjoy watching!

1. Newly released Finnair’s commercial reveals one of Christmas’ biggest mysteries. So stop, look, and listen!

2. From the outlook of Icelandair, the world looks like a small snow globe under the Christmas tree!

3. Sandy beach, surfboard and Santa Claus? Hawaiian Airlines celebrate Holidays in their own style!

4. WestJet Christmas miracle will make you believe in Santa Claus!

5. Isn’t it cute this little reindeer of Finnair?

6. If life goes back on his fair promises, than Icelandair will take care of your Christmas!

7. Who says Christmas is over? Not British Airways, for sure.

8. “I don’t believe in Concorde.” Funny commercial from British Airways!

9. Crew members of Delta Air Lines perform a nice musical Holiday greeting which was published in many different languages.

10. Funny cartoon and a song from Air New Zealand about how Christmas was rescued. Laugh and have fun!

We hope we succeeded to put you in a great festive mood and waiting for Christmas seems even more joyful for you!

Source: youtube.com