November 2014

25 Nov

Top 10 greatest reuses of retired airplanes

We probably rarely think of what happens to the aircraft when it retires from service. Unfortunately, most of them are condemned to rust away in an aircraft graveyard yet there are the lucky ones which are given the second live due to the efforts of the creative people. You will be surprised of how many interesting and unique ways the old airplanes can be repurposed! So take a look at ten most creative decisions to reuse the retired airplanes: 1. “Jumbo Stay” hostel Located at Stockholm’s Arlanda Airport this unique design hostel “Jumbo Stay” was once a flying jetliner Boeing 747-200, built in...

20 Nov

Moments from the Graduation Ceremony

Just as you might recall, we held a second graduation ceremony a few weeks ago at the vintage movie theater. We just wanted to share the joyful moments with everyone from the ceremony and the gathering after it. Once again, congratulations to the new group of pilots and good luck in the future!...

14 Nov

Baltic Aviation Academy’s graduation in style

On Wednesday, Baltic Aviation Academy held a second graduation ceremony this year for a group of CPL Modular and ATPL(A) Integrated students. Compared to the last year, academy has grown in student numbers and in 2014 has more than doubled the number of ATPL Integrated, CPL Modular, and PPL graduates compared to the 2013 number. In order to be able to congratulate all the graduates in a memorable way, academy chose to host the ceremony in a very unusual setting for pilots – vintage movie theater. This allowed making and presenting a great movie about the students’ time at the academy...